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Connelly Shuns Hollywood Lifestyle

JENNIFER CONNELLY and her actor husband PAUL BETTANY have relocated to the Brooklyn district of New York City in a desperate bid to escape the constant media attention besieging them in Los Angeles and London....

Connelly Reveals House Hunting Nightmare

JENNIFER CONNELLY lived in a cramped New York apartment for 10 years because she refused to pay "ridiculous" prices for a more fitting family home. The actress insists she'd still be holed up in...

Connelly Desperate To Conquer Plane Fears

Oscar winner JENNIFER CONNELLY is desperately trying to overcome her flying fears because it makes TransAtlantic trips with British husband PAUL BETTANY extra difficult. The New York-based actress admits to having nightmares about taking...

Bettany Was A Real Hit On Wimbledon Set

British actor PAUL BETTANY caused a lot of pain on the set of his upcoming movie WIMBLEDON - leaving both the crew and himself injured. Bettany stars alongside KIRSTEN DUNST in the tennis-based romantic...

Connelly Doubtful Over Son's Name

OSCAR-winning actress JENNIFER CONNELLY is having second thoughts about her baby son STELLAN's name - because the man she named him after has asked to be breastfed. Connelly and her husband, A BEAUTIFUL MIND...

Bettany's New Look Upsets His New Wife

Newlyweds PAUL BETTANY and JENNIFER CONNELLY have fallen out over the British actor's toned physique. The A KNIGHT'S TALE star has been working out to get in shape and look fit for his new...

Sheryl Crow Dumps Toyboy

Sexy singer SHERYL CROW has dumped her toyboy lover JOSH CHARLES just two months after showing him off at New York's GRAMMY AWARDS - because she doesn't want to have his babies. The 41-year-old...

Paul Bettany.s Smelly Sex Scene With Bonham.carter

British film star PAUL BETTANY had an unusual experience with HELENA BONHAM-CARTER when they filmed a love scene together - she passed wind during a steamy clinch. The A BEAUTIFUL MIND hunk - married...

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