Ahead of the release of the European Film Award-winning drama Youth, which teams up Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel, one of the movie’s supporting cast members, Paul Dano, has spoken about the experience of working with the British movie legend.

31 year old Dano, who was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Beach Boys genius Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy earlier this year, spoke exclusively to us about what it was like to work with Caine.

“Michael is,” he said before pausing for thought, “you know, there’s just not a false note going on in his body or his voice or anything. He’s just so present, and simple.”

Paul DanoPaul Dano stars alongside Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel in 'Youth'

Quickly, Dano clarified what he meant by that phrase. “I don’t want the word to be misinterpreted, because I think ‘simple’ is really hard to do. Everything has to go right for something to be ‘simple’.

Having enjoyed minor roles in the likes of ‘The Sopranos’ and Little Miss Sunshine in his early career, Dano won a great deal of exposure and plaudits at the age of 23 with his memorable part alongside Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood in 2007.

“He’s right there, it’s great to just look into his eyes and work with,” Dano concluded, “and I love having a glass of wine with him at the end of the day, you know, it’s great!”

Youth has already enjoyed its US premiere, but is released in the UK on January 29th. Previously, Caine himself told us about what it was like to conduct an orchestra as part of filming (his character is a composer), and his experience with working alongside fellow screen veteran Harvey Keitel.

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Watch the trailer for Youth below