It looks as though Pauly D’s been poached. According to TMZ, the former Jersey Shore star may well be parting ways with MTV, the network that made him famous. Real name Paul Delvecchio, Pauly D could well be kissing goodbye to MTV, in favor of more money.

Sources have reportedly told TMZ that MTV are keen to bring his show The Pauly D Project back to the network for a second series, but he’s been dragging his feet. Now that the E! Network have offered a lot more money to do a reality show with him, he’s really dragging his feet, it would seem. According to the sources, Pauly has had 3 meetings already with E! and they’re dead set on making sure the show goes ahead. The programme, it seems, will focus more on Pauly’s life in general, rather than his life as a DJ. Presumably that means a lot more time on camera making himself beautiful.

Pauly D was the first member of Jersey Shore to get a spin off show and no, it looks as though he’s spun right off the hook, rejecting the loyalty of TV for the allure of the big bucks offer from E! In addition to his TV show, Pauly D is also scheduled to be releasing an album early next year. He’s been in the studio working with Big Sean so Pauly D fans should be expecting that pretty soon.