You know you’re getting older, when the party animal reality stars you remember from childhood begin settling down and having kids – case in point: Jersey Shore alum Pauly D. The former reality star is now the proud father of a baby girl, E!News reports. At 33, the ex-guido, currently a DJ, says he is "very excited" to be a daddy and "has always wanted kids." Unfortunately for him, his expectations differ quite a bit from those of the mother, as new information has revealed. 

Pauly D, Hot Summer Kick Off
Is Pauly D ready to be a dad?

The little one’s family situation might be a bit complicated. While the baby mama wasn’t initially identified, Pauly D (real name Paul Delvecchio) explained for the website that he didn’t previously have a relationship with the woman, but would like to have one in the future. Amanda Markert, who came out later in the day as the mother of DelVecchio’s baby, is a former Hooters waitress and a Las Vegas native. She reportedly had a one-night fling with Delvecchio last year, resulting in the birth of little Amabella. The baby is now five months old.

Pauly D, Remix Cocktail Launch
Not as far as the mother is concerned.

According to The Daily Mail, Pauly D’s idea about having a family might not come into fruition, as the two parents are now set for a rather unfriendly custody battle. According to the Mail’s unnamed source, when Markert came forward, she was expecting that the reality star would opt to just pay up and not have anything to do with baby Amabella. Instead, Pauly D now wants to do the right thing, as they say and be a real father. Admirable as that may sound, it is likely to lead to a lengthy custody battle between the two. In the mean time, Pauly D is receiving congratulatory messages from friends and fans.