Jersey Shore star Pauly D has described his excitement towards becoming a father, after it was confirmed that he is a first-time daddy earlier this week. Pauly hasn't gotten into detail about the babys origins, such as who the mother is and where they met, but the DJ has said that he is excited to take on the next chapter of his life and plans on building a bond with the child and the mother.

Pauly D
Pauly is excited to begin life as a father

E! News confirmed the news that Pauly is now a father to a daughter who is already several months old, with the site also revealing that the 33-year-old and the babys mother have no prior relationship, but will look for common ground in the coming weeks as they bond over the child. A statement released on behalf of Pauly went on to say that the Jersey Shore alum is "very excited" to finally be a father and that he "has always wanted kids."

The mother of the unnamed child (unnamed in the article at least) and Pauly "didn't have a previous relationship," the statement went on to say, however he "is hoping to develop a relationship" with her. The statement goes on to say, that he is "ready to jump in and take responsibility as a father," and "[He] wasn't exactly planning for it to happen this way, but God works in mysterious ways."

Paul Delvecchio
The Jersey Shore star is ready to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood

This is Pauly's first child, however the DJ does have experience being around small children owing to his friendship with Jersey Shore co-star Snooki. When Snooki was pregnant with baby Lorenzo, the reality star told People in an interview, "I want to be Uncle Pauly...And I want to be a part of that baby's life, because Snooki is one of my best friends now, and I'd love to be with her when she's delivering the baby, and I'd love to babysit."

Playing uncle and being a father are two different things though Pauly, lets hope you can manage them both.

Jersey Shore
The Jersey Shore cast are slowly all succumbing to parenthood