Pauly D new hair is a thing everyone should apparently care about, so close all other tabs and read on. The Jersey Shore star has apparently switched out his blown out, gelled up do in favor of a more mature (but equally as gelled up) style, which he debuted on his Instagram this week. The style admittedly looks more mature though, and Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio still manages to rock it. We’re wondering if he’s left the fist pumping in the past as well.

That seems to be a trend among the “guidos” and “guidettes” of the Jersey Shore. Snooki has reinvented herself as a more responsible, more driven lady, and a mom and that, along with a transformation, which she came out of with a whole new slim body. Mike, aka The Situation, has sobered up. And now Pauly D looks like a grown up.

Pauly D, MTV VMA 2012
Now picture him without about 3 inches of hair.

True, he does sort of remind you of that one uncle you see only at Christmas, but if that’s not maturity, we don’t know what is. Maybe the reinvention is meant to open up new horizons for the reality star, who, after the end of Jersey Shore, got just one season of his own spinoff The Pauly D Project, before that show got cancelled too. Rough deal is an understatement. But who knows? Maybe Pauly’s reinvention will secure him the opportunities that he so clearly deserves.

Pauly D, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Apart from instagram, the new hair still hasn't made its official debut.