Late BEATLES star SIR GEORGE HARRISON was a humble man - he was once too nervous to approach CROCODILE DUNDEE star Paul Hogan.

The MY SWEET LORD star, who owned film production company HANDMADE FILMS, found the perfect opportunity to pitch a script to the Australian actor in a Los Angeles hotel months before succumbing to cancer in 2001 - but the legendary guitarist found it difficult to work up the courage to approach him.

Hogan explains, "There was this guy who was hanging around with a script and apparently wanted to approach me and couldn't work himself up to it.

"I was out in the car park and he worked up his courage and said, 'Oh, excuse me Paul, I'm a bit nervous about all this. I saw you by the pool and I was going to come to talk to you but I as too nervous. I've got this script and I'd like you to have a look at it.'"

Even though Hogan didn't take up the offer after sharing a drink with Harrison, but was left stunned at the rocker's modest attitude.

He explains, "I got in my car and I thought, 'That was one of the Beatles and he was too nervous to talk to me!'"

28/05/2003 13:38