A new book that exposes movie legend Paul Newman as a boozy womaniser is to be released less than a year after the icon's death - and his widow is devastated.
Shawn Levy's ill-timed tome Paul Newman: A Life details the late star's love for beer and whiskey, but it is the revelations about a romance with a journalist on the set of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid in Mexico which has upset Joanne Woodward.
The writer, Nancy Bacon, who wrote about Newman in her book Stars In My Eyes... Stars In My Bed, told Levy she dumped the actor because he was "always drunk".
A source tells America's the Globe, "Joanne is devastated and furious. She cannot understand why this cruel book is being written about Paul.
"Joanna and Paul had one of the longest, happiest marriages in Hollywood. She is terrified everyone is going to say it was all a sham and they lived a lie.
"She's furious his (Newman's) good name and legacy are being ripped apart."
Newman lost his battle with cancer last September (08) at the age of 83.