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8th February 2013

Fact: Paul Newman's former home in New York has sold for around $11 million (£6.9 million). The acting legend, who died in 2008, previously shared the Manhattan apartment with his wife Joanne Woodward.

12th April 2011

Quote: "Seeing that reminds me of my good friend Paul and the sadness I feel at his loss." Robert Redford thinks of his late pal, actor Paul Newman, whenever he sees their film Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.

2nd September 2009

Fact: A series of never-before-seen photographs of late movie icon Paul Newman will go on show in a new exhibition at the Proud Camden South Gallery in London next month (Oct09) to mark the first anniversary of the star's death. The images were taken during the shooting of his 1960 movie Exodus. Newman lost his battle with cancer last September (08).

11th May 2009

Fact: Paul Newman's widow Joanne Woodward will make history in 2010 - she was the first celebrity to land a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in February, 1960. Walk of Fame bosses are trying to persuade the actress to be part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.

4th March 2009

Quote: "People would see me and they knew it (my name) was 'New' something, so it was 'Newhart' or 'Newman'. They would call me 'Mr. Newman', so I explained to my wife they thought I looked like Paul Newman, which she didn't buy." Veteran American actor Bob Newhart's wife isn't convinced that he shares a likeness with late Hollywood legend PAUL NEWMAN.

26th January 2009

Quote: "In this gathering of gifted artists, I would like to raise a salute - Paul Newman, somebody down here likes you." Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award recipient James Earl Jones remembered the late great Newman at Sunday's (25Jan09) prizegiving.

22nd October 2008

Quote: "We planned on doing a movie and never got to do one." John Travolta regrets on missing out on making a film with late great actor Paul Newman.

20th October 2008

Quote: "De Niro's a jerk! I was thinking about doing something with him, but I was told to run - not walk - away from him, he's so unbearable. The only older actor I can think of who is successful and nice was Paul Newman." American TV actor John Slattery is unimpressed by most of his peers.

7th October 2008

Quote: "It was pretty intense! It was pretty heady!" Actress Faye Dunaway remembers working with late stars Steve McQueen and Paul Newman fondly. The trio starred together in 1974's THE TOWERING INFERNO.

6th October 2008

Quote: "He just had everything. Paul really cared about people and he's left such a legacy with his work and his charity work." Veteran actress Faye Dunaway pays tribute to her THE TOWERING INFERNO co-star Paul Newman, who lost his battle with cancer on 26 September (08), aged 83.

17th June 2008

Quote: "I love him to pieces.... He's one of the great people I've ever known and I'm better for ever having known him and worked with him. He's a tremendous person." Sally Field offers her ailing Absence of Malice co-star Paul Newman words of support as he reportedly battles cancer.

17th June 2008

Quote: "They're gonna have to drag that guy outta here with a thousand horses. He's one of the strongest, most incredible men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting." Harry Connick Jr. offers his support to ailing Paul Newman, who has reportedly been diagnosed with lung cancer.

3rd March 2008

Quote: "We have the same birthday, so he does inspire me." Comedienne Ellen Degeneres on how actor, entrepreneur and animal lover Paul Newman inspired her to create her own dog food line.

25th January 2008

Quote: "I'm being treated for athlete's foot and hair loss. Maybe the doctors know something that I don't." Veteran actor Paul Newman jokes about reports he has been diagnosed with cancer.

7th November 2007

Quote: "He may have forgotten my name; he does have short-term memory loss." Robert Redford fears old pal Paul Newman may have forgotten who he is.

8th November 2006

Fact: Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford reunited in New York this week (begs06NOV06) to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the latter's Sundance Film Institute. It is 37 years since they made the classic Western together.

22nd June 2006

Fact: Paul Newman is well on his way to becoming the celebrity voice of racing - after lending his voice to new animated movie CARS, the actor will narrate a documentary about late Nascar great DALE EARNHARDT, who was killed at the Daytona 500 in 2001.

8th April 2006

Fact: Paul Newman got his first taste of his Newman's Own dog food on chat show host Jay Leno's programme on Thursday night (06APR06) when he gobbled down fork fulls of the organic pet chow as part of a $10 (GBP5.70) bet.

21st December 2005

Quote: <p>"He tells the worst jokes in the world. That would be OK if he didn't keep on repeating them over and over again." Robert Redford discusses pal Paul Newman. </p>

28th August 2005

Quote: <p>"There's something rolling around that we're talking about it, and the real question is whether he can remember his lines or not." Robert Redford jokes that old pal Paul Newman's memory might be the only thing standing in the way of THE STING stars reuniting for a new movie. </p>

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