British television host, Paul O'Grady, suffered an angina attack on Monday (Nov 18th) and is now in hospital.

The 58 year-old has already suffered two heart attacks and told his good friend, radio DJ Pete Price that he was undergoing surgery, according to the Liverpool Echo.

In a text message sent to Pete yesterday, he said, "I have had an angina attack and I will need a few days' rest."

"I am going to be out of the game for quite a while, and am going in for surgery tomorrow."

Mr Price also spoke to the Echo and explained that he was worried the Liverpool native was working too hard.

"I just love him to bits, and he has been overdoing it," he said.

"He has just come back from Africa doing some work for a new TV show next year, and then there are all his animals and all the other things he does."

"When I saw he wasn't on TV I texted to ask what had happened and he told me about it."

The Radio DJ added, "He is a total workaholic, and I have told him he needs to take things easy."

For the comedian's chat show, singer Michael Ball replaced O'Grady last minute and told the studio audience, "Paul's not feeling very well tonight, so I'm standing in for him."

The blow comes at a bad time as Paul had only just started hosting a handful of episodes of the rebooted 'Paul O'Grady Show' since this season fist broadcast on November 11th 2013.

O'Grady tweeted "Sadly Paul's feeling poorly, but join Michael Ball and guests tonight, it'll be a hoot!" before the show went on air. 

Get well soon Paul!

Paul O'Grady
Paul O'Grady will undergo heart surgery