It has been confirmed that Paul O'Grady is now married to his boyfriend of 11 years Andre Portasio. Having said that, he's currently got other things on his mind as he reveals he's genuinely scared that aliens are coming after him. It's quite the emotional rollercoaster.

Paul O'Grady at the National Television AwardsPaul O'Grady at the National Television Awards

The 62-year-old TV presenter, comedian and former drag star officially tied the knot with his long-term partner Andre Portasio - who is 25 years his junior - last summer at a beautiful ceremony in the Goring Hotel gardens in London.

According to The Sun, guests included the likes of actor Ian McKellen, Labour politician Michael Cashman and comedian Julian Clary. But why have we only just now heard about it?

'Paul is as happy as he's ever been to be married to Andre', a source told the publication. 'They kept the wedding to just their closest family and friends and had a big lunch afterwards to celebrate.'

Andre is a former member of the English National Ballet and has been in a relationship with Paul since 2006 - just a year after the latter suffered major heartbreak when his previous partner Brendan Murphy died from a brain tumour. 

Paul has actually been married before; in 1977 he agreed to a marriage of convenience with a Portuguese transgender friend of his named Teresa Fernandes. The marriage was officially dissolved in 2005.

Now that he has had seven months to get used to being a married man again, he may be considering a house move. In a recent conversation on the radio he insisted that he has seen UFOs in Kent. 'I've seen them, and I'm not the only one', he said on BBC Radio 2. 

'The Army say it's not them sending flares up, so we don't know, but I'm just terrified of waking up one night and there's this thing at the bottom of my bed like ET. You don't know, do you? It's like I'm taking the dog round the orchard and I'll look up and there are these weird lights - I'm being observed at two in the morning.'

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Let's hope that Andre can protect his new hubby from these extraterrestrial prowlers!