Paul Oakenfold
Album Launch Party
Canvas London

On Sunday 28th May, Paul Oakenfold came to London for a world exclusive performance at Canvas to officially launch his latest album 'A Lively Mind'.

For those of you who don't know the venue, Canvas is the old Bagleys Studios. A former warehouse in the goods yard behind Kings Cross station, it is truly a huge place, with 6 rooms to choose from.

Paul Oakenfold's set had already started when I arrived but the signature high-energy, euphoric sounds were unmistakeable. Each mix was greeted with huge rounds of applause and cheers from the crowd who were truly there to only see one man play. Many had travelled from all over the country to be there and it was clear that some were die-hard fans. Overall, the atmosphere was young and lively with plenty of sweaty ravers, big smiles, glowsticks and cheering.

In other rooms, an eclectic line-up played to an eclectic crowd of discerning clubbers to make this one of the best house and trance nights I have been to in London for a long time.