Paul Pott's admits 'One Chance' doesn't show the full extent of his bullying.

The former 'Britain's Got Talent' star - who won the first ever series in 2007 - says it was an emotional experience having a biopic made about his rise to fame because it had to cover the torment he went through as a youngster, but confessed the teasing was far worse than was depicted in the film.

Speaking at the premiere of 'One Chance' in London's Leicester Square, last night (17.10.13), he told BANG Showbiz: ''I was conscious of the fact I didn't want the film to be too dark. The bullying has to be covered, it wouldn't be complete without that.

''The bullying was worse than was portrayed in the movie and I'm even clumsier than is portrayed. When you're like, 'Oh my God he's such a klutz' - I was 10 times worse.''

The mobile phone salesman-turned-opera singer believes the movie demonstrates that anyone can achieve their dreams if they have the determination and a strong support network.

He explained: ''I wanted people to remember the message, you get to go to where you want in life by just keeping going and having the right people beside you.''

Paul walked the red carpet alongside his devoted wife Julie-Ann, who he credits as his biggest supporter.

The film's stars James Corden, Julie Walters, Colm Meaney and Alexandra Roach were also in attendance.