At the premiere of Paul Potts: One Chance, there were more than a few famous faces present on the red carpet, however none turned quite so many heads as pop and country sensation Taylor Swift, who managed to take most of the attention away from the film's base character, Paul Potts, thanks largely to her celebrity aura.

Paul PottsTaylor Swift
Paul and Taylor are best buddies now

But Taylor wasn't there to steal the show, she was there to see the man who inspired the movie, the man she was so impressed with that she even penned him a song (and he didn't even have to break up with her to get it).

Taylor saw the movie and considered it to be inspirational and a picture that "moved" her. According to the Daily Mirror, the singer was keen to meet up with the talent show winner and discuss his meteoric rise to success, and the two stars apparently stood and talked for ges whilst back stage at the Toronto screening. The two new best friends got along so well that Taylor was even move to write a song about the operatic star, one that features on the soundtrack to the James Cordon-starring film.

The song is an appraisal of Pott's achievements and all he has conquered in the face of adversity. Titled 'Sweeter Than Fiction,' the song differs from many of the other songs that appear in the movie, because the majority of the film's songs are dubbed. The film's star Cordon admitted at the premiere that he doesn't actually sing in the film, but had his singing parts dubbed over by a professional. He said, "It was very, very straightforward. I would pretend to be singing opera, and then Paul would go into the studio and loop to my mouth. I hope I haven't given it away too much, but that's basically what happened."

Paul Potts: One Chance is scheduled to hit cinemas on October 25.

James Cordon
James Cordon stars as the titular lead