Marvel’s Ant-Man has had its fair share of setbacks, but production is fully underway now and we have a first look photo to whet our appetites. 

Ant ManPaul Rudd as Ant-Man

The photo sees Paul Rudd as the titular ant hero (not anti-hero) standing under the Golden Gate Bridge next to a beaten up old Ford. We’re guessing he’s got some reason to go incognito, as he’s looking fairly conspicuous – hood up and holding a mystery bag. He’s also been in the wars as evidenced by those butterfly stiches on his brow. 

Ant-Man has spluttered and stunted to where it is now: an all-star cast and ‘first look headlines’. The main setback saw Edgar Wright exit the production having been attached to it for as long as we can remember. Creative differences were cited, but whatever the source of the bad blood, the disappointment was palpable, especially considering Wright’s close relationship with the project.

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And on that all-star cast, it was announced yesterday that Mad Men star John Slattery – who plays Roger Sterling in the popular AMC period drama – has been added to the roster for Marvel’s latest project. There’s no specific role for Slattery yet, but it’s clear the silver-haired actor is relishing life post Mad Men, which wrapped up filming its seventh and last season recenty. 

Yahoo! Movies recently got a sneak peak at the movie, while the rest of us are making do with the photo. According to their Senior UK Writer, Tom Butler, “it looked fantastic. If you’re worried about Marvel’s next film after ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’, then maybe you should reconsider.”

Next up for Marvel is Avengers: Age of Ultron, the hugely anticipated sequel to the billion-dollar breaker Marvel’s The Avengers. But once Joss Whedon has had his fun, Patton Oswald is set to build on the super-hero comedy fusion displayed to marvellously – pun intended – in Guardians of The Galaxy.

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