Paul Rudd is set to make his superhero debut as the newest addition to the Marvel film franchise: 'Ant-Man'. And while it's a first for him to be taking on his first comic-book based role, he was facing something a little different to the previous Marvel films.

Paul Rudd in Ant-ManPaul Rudd says working on 'Ant-Man' was a lot of fun

Not only is 'Ant-Man' Paul Rudd's first Marvel adventure, but it's also the comic book character's first movie; though looking at how cool it looks, it's difficult to understand why he has been ignored until now. 'It feels really strange, and cool, to be part of the Marvel universe', says Rudd. 'But to put on that suit - which, by the way, I think is the coolest looking suit of all of them - it's impossible not to feel a little bit like a superhero.'

Watch the trailer for 'Ant-Man' here:

Perhaps best known for starring in comedies such as 'Role Models', 'I Love You, Man' and 'The 40 Year-Old Virgin', Rudd describes being cast as the leading man in such a huge action blockbuster as 'a dream come true'. But it's not like he's just fighting crime and adversaries like your regular caped crusader, he's proving that small can be just as deadly.

'I just love the idea that you're watching a fight on a train, you've seen this kind of scene in many films, but then to pull back and it's on a child's toy train set, is unique and a lot of fun and that happens repeatedly throughout the film', Rudd explains. Plus, he gets to experience how motion capture cinema works, so it's a lot of firsts for this movie star.

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'I'd never put on a suit and pretended anyone was stepping on me, or I was dodging a dog, or stuck in a vacuum - that kind of thing', he says. 'But there's great satisfaction in knowing that the best people who can create this kind of thing are working on this film.'

Peyton Reed directs 'Ant-Man' which is set to hit UK cinemas on July 17th 2015.