Paul Rudd kicked off his third go at hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live by ensuring that every 15 year-old pop music fangirl in the country was watching as he recited an opening monologue whilst being flanked by boyband One Direction. Rudd lamented that he had been overshadowed by previous musical guests Beyoncé and Paul McCartney only to be upstaged once again by the British fivesome.

Will Ferrell Paul Rudd Steve Carell David Koechner
[L-R] Carell, Rudd, Koechner & Ferrell Brought The 'Anchorman' Machine To 'SNL.'

"Don't worry Paul, we're not here to outshine you," Harry Styles reassured him. "Yeah, you do the comedy stuff and we'll stand back and blow kisses," Niall Horan added as the rest of the band looked on, presumably fighting back laughter.

Just two days 'til Ron Burgundy takes over Emerson College.

Rudd took the opportunity to invite his Anchorman co-stars along to promote their eagerly-anticipated upcoming sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Will Ferrell, Dvaid Koechner and Steve Carell appeared in character to bring their cringey, wise-cracking newsteam ways to SNL. "Why don't you guys sit on Santa's lap and ask for balls?" taunted Koechner whilst Ferrell jeered "Why don't you beat it, Menudo?"

Soon, all four Anchorman stars and the One Direction boys were united in a performance of Starland Vocal Band's 1976 Grammy-winning hit, 'Afternoon Delight,' referencing the hilarious moment from the first movie. In his typical, half sleazy, half dense manner, Ron Burgundy blurted "Now we're Nine Direction!" Check out snaps from the Anchorman 2 Sydney premiere.

Watch Paul Rudd & One Direction's 'SNL' Promo Reel:

Of all the members of the Anchorman crew, Rudd took centre-stage during his SNL host, mingling with young female One Direction fans backstage by posing as the "number one" 1D fan. "Am I their number 1 fan? Is Liam's favourite color purple?" enthused Rudd, as "Dan Charles," a father of two wearing a band T shirt. The comedian bent over so the pop group could each sign their names on his back.

"Sign it all over my back," squealed "Dan." Saturday night's bonanza episode also saw One Direction, who looked smart in sharp black suits, perform two songs from their latest hit album, 'Story of My Life' and 'Through the Dark.'

Paul Rudd
You May Not Have Known It But Paul Rudd Is Quite The 1D Fan.

The episode also saw fellow SNL alum and Anchorman 2 co-star Kirsten Wiig return to the show, resuming her Dooneese character with her prosthetic facial features, baby arms, and fake tooth before playing one of Captain Von Trapp's children in a parody of Carrie Underwood's Sound of Music Live. It was the old team, reunited with some fresh, audience-magnetising faces and it made for TV comedy gold. More please!

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues will be release on the 20th December. One Direction's Midnight Memories is out now.