Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen are the stars of Samsung’s Next Big Thing Super Bowl ad.

Or rather, they’re not the stars. Or they are the stars, who are acting as not the stars… it’s all a bit meta. It’s also pretty funny, but then again, you can’t expect anything less of such a huge production can you? Yes, we imagine Samsung paid quite the tab for this star-studded affair, but ‘tis the season after all. Did we mention that Lebron James is also it it?

The ad is such a big deal apparently that not only did Samsung tease it beforehand, but they also released the full, two-minute version of the thing. Oh, and it also promotes some of Samsung's products too, such as the Galaxy Note. Did we mention that LeBron James is in it? The entire clip feels more like an Saturday Night Live skit rather than an ad to be honest, but then again, that was probably part if the clever marketing team’s idea. Those guys like getting into your head and making you subconsciously want things, we’ve heard. Come to think of it, those Galaxy Note things are looking pretty sweet.

If you’re feeling in the mood for a moderately funny skit, heavy on product placement, you can watch the Next Big Thing ad below.