Paul Walker's death was a shock to the world and his fans, but it also left many filmmakers scrambling to figure out what to do with his roles.

Rupert FriendRupert Friend at the First Light Film Awards in London

While the Fast and Furious franchise is not replacing him, Walker's film Agent 47 may have hired a new actor for the role. The rumors right now are Homeland actor Rupert Friend will be replace Walker in the film, which is a follow-up to the 2007 film Hitman. The Hitman franchise is based on a video game, and Timothy Olyphant played the role in the 2007 film.

Friend is no newby to the Hollywood scene. He has also appeared in films like The Young Victoria and Pride & Prejudice. He has been on Homeland since 2012.

Besides Agent 47, Walker had many projects in the works. His latest film Hours was released 13 December, two weeks after he died. He was obviously very proud of the role.

"If you read this [script], just read it, and it doesn't move you, there's something wrong with you. You're probably a robot," he told MTV. "The only way it gets messed up is if I screw up. That's how I felt."

Paul WalkerPaul Walker at the 'Fast and Furious 6' premiere in London in 2013

Walker had signed on for Fast and Furious 7, and filmed half of his part. According to MTV, Walker's character will be retiring in the film, rather than dying like often happens in similar situations. Walker did finish filming Brick Mansions, but the release date for the film has not been released.