Two men are in custody after being caught attempting to steal car parts from the crashed Porsche that killed actor Paul Walker and the driver, Roger Rodas. Rodas and Walker had taken the sportscar for a drive and somehow ended up colliding with a lamppost then a tree, sending the car into flames.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker Died On Saturday In A Car Crash.

The burnt-out wreckage that dominated front pages in the days of Walker's death was hardly recognisable to be anything other than a charred, mangled pile of scrap metal but two thieves decided to try their chances.

The alleged theft occurred as the Porsche Carrera GT was being towed from the accident scene shortly after the crash last Saturday night, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said, via Sky News. Authorities revealed that they had arrested a teenager, 18 year-old Jameson Witty, from his Los Angeles home as well as another, unnamed 25 year-old man who turned himself in. The Sheriff's Office say that Witty was being held on $20,000 (£12,000) bail.

Paul Walker Dies
The Actor, Who Died Aged 40, Was Working On 'Fast & Furious 7.'

It is not known whether Witty and the other man were Fast & Furious fans looking to acquire a piece of macabre celebrity memorabilia or whether they were scrap metal or car part dealers on the hunt for expensive Porsche parts. One of the men is said to have followed the tow truck carrying the smashed car remains and pulled off a part of the car when it stopped at a red light.

"A witness saw a male exit a vehicle that was following the tow truck. The male grabbed a piece of the wrecked Porsche off the tow truck bed. The male drove away with the stolen vehicle part. The tow truck driver reported the theft to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station," reads the sheriff's statement, via LA Weekly.

Walker and Rodas were pronounced dead at the scene of the violent crash but autopsies were delayed due to being unable to identify the bodies. The families of both men were required to send investigators dental records to help identify the badly burned remains.

Disturbingly, Witty allegedly then decided to post a bragging image of the piece of roof he tore off on Instagram, captioned "Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light." Sheriff's detectives say they'll recommend charges of grand theft and tampering with evidence.