Two men have been charged with theft from the wreckage of the sportscar that crashed into a tree and killed both actor Paul Walker and the driver Roger Rodas. Walker and Rodas had been taking the red Porsche Carrera GT for a drive when it collided with a lamppost then a tree, sending the car into flames.

Paul Walker
Thieves Attempted To Steal Parts From The Paul Walker Car Crash.

As the wreckage was being towed away last Saturday (7th December) night, two thieves decided to take their chances and pull pieces from the mangled car as the lorry it was being towed on waited at a red light. Amateur footage from the scene shows two men separately approaching the vehicle and removing pieces of the car.

Though it had been initially believed that the pair could have been scrap metal or parts dealers, it has emerged that at least one of them knew the significance of the crash and was a Paul Walker fan. 18 year-old Jameson Witty, who was arrested at his Los Angeles home, was caught bragging about his theft on social media. "Piece of Paul Walker's car. Took it off a tow truck at a stop light," Witty captioned an Instagram image of a large piece of red roofing.

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Walker Had Been Working On The 7th 'Fast & Furious' Movie.

Witty and Anthony Janow, 25, now stand accused of taking parts from the car and both men face charges of one felony count of grand theft of personal property and two misdemeanour counts of destroying evidence and "resisting, obstructing and delaying a police officer," according to Deputy District Attorney Sera Boyadjian, via The Mirror.

Prosecutors allege that the men took the roof panel from the car as the tow ruck stopped at traffic lights after being warned by a Los Angeles County Sheriff not to tamper with the crime scene. If they are convicted, both Witty and Janow could face a maximum of four and a half years in jail.

Since the incident last weekend, Witty has removed the bragging Instagram image and replaced it with a message to the family and fans of Paul Walker who may have been hurt by his actions. "I wanted to say, my intensions for the piece I took off the tow truck were to make a memorial out if it, [sic]" he wrote, adding "Paul was a childhood idol to me and many. At the time I was not thinking about the consequences."

The Fast & Furious star and his 38 year-old companion are believed to have been killed almost immediately in the crash. The families of both men were required to send investigators dental records to help identify the badly burned remains. Though autopsies were delayed due to being unable to identify the bodies, their deaths have now been ruled as an accident with a toxicology report expected in January.