Fast & Furious 7 is going ahead, though not quite as planned. The cast and crew took an extended hiatus, following Paul Walker’s tragic death over Thanksgiving weekend 2013 and the film still hasn’t resumed filming. The cast will return to Atlanta in April to finish shooting the seventh installment in the F&F franchise.

Paul Walker, Fast & Furious 6
Walker will take one final bow in the seventh (but not final) Fast film.

Much of the movie had already been filmed before Walker’s death and the production team have decided to use the footage already in the can to “retire” Walker’s character. The producers have made it clear that Brian O’Connor will not be killed off, although it hasn’t been announced exactly how he is to leave the franchise.

Meanwhile, another film that Walker was meant to star in is currently hanging by a thread. Eden’s Army was meant to help the actor break out of the action star mould and drive his career in a new direction – one with fewer car chases and more room to show off his acting chops. The action-adventure romance was penned by National Geographic contributor Tom Clynes and discovered by Walker and his manager, Matt Luber, when the two were searching for a script to move the Fast & Furious star’s career forward.

Paul Walker, Fast & Furious 6 premiere
Meanwhile, the fate of his passion project is hanging by a thread (or $15 to $20 million).

Together, Clynes, Luber and According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walker spent over a year reworking the script, however after the star’s passing, the project was all but dropped. In the latest script, war vet Jesse Marcheur (French for "Walker") gets drawn into a plot to airlift white rhinos from a Zimbabwe jungle and battles, then falls for, a British elephant researcher -- an Emily Blunt-type, says Clynes. Now Clynes and Luber would like to turn the final version of the script into a real film, but financing for the $15 million to $20 million project wasn't secured, and Eden's Army remains in limbo as Luber adjusts to the loss of his close friend and client.