After a the tragic car crash that killed Paul Walker in 2013, his on-screen character, Brian O'Conner, will ride again in 'Furious 7', the seventh movie in the 'Fast & Furious' movie franchise. Walker had reportedly finished the majority of his scenes, although he died before principle photography finished. With the help of his two brothers, Caleb and Cody, four body-doubles, and some CGI magic, filming was finished in order to pay homage to the actor. 

Paul Walker in 'Furious 7'
Paul Walker died in November, 2013, in a car crash

Walker was killed on 30th November, 2013, when his friend Roger Rodas crashed the Porsche they were driving into a concrete light pole at around 100 mph. The two had reportedly died before the car burst into flames from their injuries. Filming for 'Furious 7' came to a halt while the studio consulted Walker's family before determining what to do with the footage. 

Watch the trailer for 'Furious 7' here:

'Furious 7' serves as the last film in the series chronology until this point, with the third film, 'The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift' being the sixth in the chronology. 'Furious 7' supposedly involves the character of Brian O'Conner either dying or retiring from the street racing scene, used as a canonical plot reason for Walker to not be seen in later films in the franchise. 

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Paul Walker was working on other movies at the time of his death. The film 'Hours' was released two weeks after the actor's death, with the film 'Brick Mansions' being released five months after his death. He was also, supposedly, preparing for the role of 'Agent 47' in a film adaptation of the videogame 'Hitman'. 

Vin Diesel in 'Furious 7'
Vin Diesel stared alongside Walker in all but two of the 'Fast & Furious' movies

The official trailer for 'Furious 7' has now been released, showing Walker's character engage in a hair-raising stunt to rescue a woman from the back of a moving bus, before leaping from the bus himself as it falls off a cliff.

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