The trailer has been released for the late Paul Walker's final full-length movie, Brick Mansions. The upcoming action thriller has been adapted from the 2004 French parkour action film, District B13. The gritty movie sees Walker in a classic role, jumping from buildings, driving fast cars and fighting criminals as no-nonsense cop, Damien.

Brick Mansions Last Paul Walker Movie
Paul Walker's Final, Complete Movie 'Brick Mansions' Is A Wholly Appropriate Send-Off.

Damien is tasked with bringing down crime lord Tremaine (RZA), who has taken over the fenced-off, ccrime-ridden district of Brick Mansions with a neutron bomb. To get the job done, Damien recruits a Parkour-master ex-con Lino, played by Parkour founder and District B13 actor David Belle, and they take on the dangerous Tremaine in a city wide battle to save a lot of people.

Just looking at the trailer, it's easy to tell that the Camille Delamarre-movie doesn't let up on raw action or thrills, encapsulating the lawless world of the ghetto and throwing in a bunch of heart-stopping stunts to a pulsing hip hop soundtrack.

Watch The 'Brick Mansions' Trailer:

Watching the movie will certainly be a bittersweet experience for fans of the Fast & Furious actor. Action was what Walker did best, yet no one could have predicted the tragedy that befell him on the 30th November last year when he and a friend were killed as the sportscar they were driving in careered off the road.

Sadly for fans of the Fast & Furious franchise in particular, Walker had been on a break from filming the seventh instalment, with many scenes left unfilmed, unlike Brick Mansions which is a whole and high-octane send-off that would befit such a talented actor and action star.

Brick Mansions will be released on the 25th April in the USA.