Paul Weller has been busily working on new material amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 62-year-old singer has revealed he's been ''cracking on'' and trying to remain productive during the health crisis, which has stopped him from performing gigs.

He said: ''There's so much time off and obviously no live work, so I'm just cracking on and trying to get on with the next thing really.''

The release of Weller's new album, 'On Sunset', coincided with anti-racism protests across the US and elsewhere following George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.

And Weller has voiced his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, saying racism is a ''deep-rooted'' problem.

He told the BBC: ''After everything that happened in the post-war years with civil rights and having a black president, nothing's changed.

''I don't know how they are gonna resolve it in that country, it's so deep-rooted.''

Meanwhile, Weller previously insisted that with every record, he makes a conscious effort to reinvent himself.

The music icon also insisted he makes records for his own pleasure, rather than just for his fans.

The 'Going Underground' hitmaker said: ''I don't want to repeat myself, which is inevitable at times if you've done this for a long time.

''But as much as possible, I try not to repeat what I've just done.

''I try to move on, take it someplace different.

''I really do it for myself, to be honest with you, and I just have to hope other people like it and come with it.''