Paul Weller has insisted he would ''never give Noel Gallagher advice'' and denied rumours he told him to go solo.

The Modfather has silenced claims the former Oasis guitarist's rival sibling and ex-bandmate, Liam Gallagher, was annoyed when Weller allegedly told Noel he'd be best off going it alone.

Asked about the gossip, the former Jam star told ''Listen - to put the record straight, I would never, ever give Noel Gallagher advice!

''What do you say to somebody who's just sold 50 million f***ing records? 'Oh, I know what you should do...' So that's not true.''

Oasis split in 2009 after a backstage bust-up between the estranged siblings at their final gig in Paris.

On the pair's ongoing feud, Weller added: ''I've got better things to think about. I love both of them, anyway ... I think they're both brilliant characters.''

In 2015, Noel had claimed that Weller told him he would smash his ''f***ing windows in'' if he ever rejoined the Britpop group.

The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker said at the time: ''He threatens me that if I ever go back in Oasis that'll be it between us.

''If Oasis ever did get back together, which is highly unlikely, I'd have to leave London and move back to Manchester... because he'd put my f**king windows in.''

In a separate interview, he also revealed that he keeps up to date with the latest music through the 'Going Underground' hitmaker.

Noel said: ''I'm really reliant on Paul Weller.

''I don't know what he does, he must listen to f***ing independent radio all the time because he's forever on the phone to me all the time saying, 'Have you got this? Check this out, check this out.' ''

Meanwhile, Weller - who releases his new solo album, 'On Sunset', on July 3 - told the publication he wouldn't rule out a collaboration with rapper Tyler, The Creator after he revealed he's a massive fan.

He said: ''Funnily enough we met him very briefly, he's got a shop on Melrose [Los Angeles].

''I'm surprised he's even heard of us.

''Would I work with him? I don't know, mate, but I'm open for working with anyone if they're good.''