Paul Weller has revealed he's already well into writing another album before his 15th solo record 'On Sunset' has even been released.

The prolific musician's latest studio effort is due to land on July 3, but Weller has got the itch to pen more tunes whilst he's got so much time at home during the coronavirus pandemic, and he's even contemplating putting out another record as soon as 2021.

The Modfather said: ''I've had so much free time that I've started writing, so I've probably got half an album's worth of tunes.

''I'm half thinking of putting out a record next year as well.''

Weller, 62, insisted that with every record he tries to reinvent himself, but insisted he makes music for his own pleasure.

He added to ''I don't want to repeat myself, which is inevitable at times if you've done this for a long time.

''But as much as possible, I try not to repeat what I've just done.

''I try to move on, take it someplace different.

''I really do it for myself, to be honest with you, and I just have to hope other people like it and come with it.''

The 'Going Underground' hitmaker recently revealed he doesn't struggle for creative inspiration and he didn't have any issues with writing 'On Sunset'.

He explained: ''Everybody likes a good tune, regardless how it's dressed up.

''Luckily, melody comes relatively easy to me - it's a very natural part of the writing process. You're often trying to find new ways of saying the same thing, but I can always rely on melody to see me through.''

Despite this, Weller admitted his approach to songwriting has evolved over the years.

The music icon - who first found fame as part of The Jam - said: ''My moods can change in the middle of a song, but I don't make records to upset people. I have in the past and I've learned my lesson.''