Officials behind Record Store Day (Rsd) have expressed their frustration with Internet touts after exclusive vinyl singles offered up by British rocker Paul Weller for the event were re-sold online at inflated prices.

The former The Jam frontman has vowed to boycott the annual day, which celebrates independent music stores, in future after some of his special discs turned up on auction website before stores had even opened for the event on Saturday (19Apr14).

Bosses behind the project have now released a statement expressing their disappointment, but they insist the number of complaints about unauthorised re-sales were down on previous years.

They say, "We share Paul Weller's frustration at evidence that (Weller's single) Brand New Toy has been offered for sale on eBay, and we are disappointed that despite our best efforts to drive out the touts, once again some people are seeking to exploit the goodwill of artists and labels by selling Rsd exclusives at vastly-inflated prices on eBay.

"At just 500 copies Paul Weller's Brand New Toy was one of the most limited editions available on Rsd and so some re-selling was expected. However, thanks to the measures we have taken on re-sales, overall the number of complaints about unauthorised sales this year is well down on previous years, though we continue to monitor eBay on an hour-by-hour basis.

"We clearly cannot control the activities of members of the public, but the Record Store Day Code of Conduct makes it clear that any store found to be complicit in unauthorised sales on eBay faces being banned from future events.

"Record Store Day would not exist without the support and commitment of artists and labels and we take our responsibility to them very seriously."