TGV Train Sim Pack
TGV Train Sim Pack On PC

Just Trains are proud to announce the release of TGV Train Sim Pack. This must be the ultimate high-speed upgrade for Microsoft Train Simulator ®.

TGV Train Sim Pack is realistic simulation of the high-speed rail route between Ashford, Kent in the UK and Lille in France, capturing the atmosphere and excitement of driving such a route, including passing through an authentic looking tunnel under the English Channel. The route itself from start to stop is 106 miles! But also included are numerous side routes totalling nearly 500 miles of available driving as well as ten Activities to help you explore the route to the full making this super value!

Three custom developed, high quality locomotives and "Corail" coaches are included as well! These include custom driving cab and passenger views as well as custom sounds and appropriate carriage consists. The program installer will ensure a easy "one-stop" install of the software with no setting up inside Train Sim required.

Reviewed by Phil Gleave (Train Sim Enthusiast)- "When I saw TGV train pack I was very interested. After the quality of Euro Loco I thought you couldn't equal it, but you have, the graphics are superb, more trains on route, cars on the roads and yachts actually sailing, I will recommend this product to friends"

The locomotives included with the route are:

1. European TGV Thalys.

2. French Railways SNCF TGV Reseau.

3. French Railways SNCF BB7200 with Corail carriages.

TGV Train Sim Pack On PC Available @
TGV Train Sim Pack On PC Available @
TGV Train Sim Pack On PC Available @