Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion Expansion Pack

Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion Expansion Pack Reviewed on PC  @
Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion Expansion Pack Reviewed on PC

If you own Medieval Total War now there is an expansion pack that gives you more of the same, but not that same, if you know what I mean, Viking Invasion. Medieval Total War focused on the middle ages of Europe and the crusades of Richard the Lion Heart and his knights is shinning armour, but Viking Invasion is different. Rather than pitting the knights against the Vikings the whole game has had the clock turned back a few hundred years. Now you get the chance to play as the famous Vikings and take part in the battle for Britain. You can also play as the Irish or the British, but the Vikings are a great side to play. This expansion pack has more to offer in the campaign games rather than the quick fights. As mentioned the original game focused on the whole of Europe and a small part of Africa, now the game focuses on Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia. There are more than 50 territories in total, but only two of these territories account for Scandinavia, Hordaland and Jutland, these are the two starting points for the new Vikings. There is a decent number of new factions including, Scots, Mercians, Saxons, Vikings, Northumbrians, Irish, Picts and the Welsh.

Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion Expansion Pack Reviewed on PC  @

With all these new factions come new units and the previously mentioned technology tree. One of the most noticeable changes is the lack of religion, well people are religious in this game but there is nothing like the same amount of importance placed on it. The technology tree as you can imagine is not quite as high tech as the Medieval version which included gun powder units, although there are some similarities as catapults feature in both versions of the game. There is one real advantage to having a dark-age technology tree, you can't use the same tactics in Viking Invasion that you used in Medieval Total War. Basically are almost getting a new game for a fraction of the price of a sequel.

Believe it or not, all the above are not the greatest additions to this expansion pack. The Vikings themselves are easily the best addition. The Viking faction enables you to move by sea with ease and invade any costal area. The Vikings are the masters when it comes to battles at sea their boats are far superior to any of the other factions. This all makes for some extremely aggressive force and more importantly the Viking faction is great to play.

Another bonus you get with the Viking Invasion Expansion Pack is three more factions to play with in the original Medieval Total War game. These faction are the Aragonese, Hungarians and the Sicilians. If you're up for a decent challenge this is god for you, because these three new factions only have a small amount of land and their neighbours are pretty hostile. On top of this the game play of the original has been tweaked and improved, plus there are some new additions to some of the factions units. These new additions to the original game will make things slightly more interesting for a short while, but long term there is nothing here that will keep you coming back after you have completed the game, but they are all welcome additions all the same.

Fro anyone that has the original I would highly recommend purchasing a copy of Viking Invasion, it will keep you one your toes as far tactics are concerned and the Vikings are a really great side to play, you can be as aggressive as you like. It's also good to have a smaller map the game play is much less stressful and hurried more easily managed. In fact Viking Invasion expansion pack is a great addition, you get much more of the same in quite a different way.

8.0 out of 10