Peaches Geldof is ''more confident'' than ever with her pregnancy figure.

The socialite is pregnant with her second child by husband Tom Cohen and has enjoyed flaunting her baby bump on her belated honeymoon in Mauritius last week because she has never felt better.

A source said: ''Peaches is thrilled with her pregnancy figure and says she looks better than ever, telling her friends 'I've never felt more confident about my body'.

''Tom thinks she is at her sexiest while pregnant and can't stop telling her how beautiful she is.''

Peaches - who delayed the honeymoon so she and Tom could care for their son, Astala, now nine months old - had been on a special diet before getting pregnant for the first time, and has been happy with her slim physique.

The source added: ''Just before she fell pregnant with Astala she had a super healthy diet. She'd lost a lot of weight by ditching junk food, cutting out carbs at night and sticking to fresh fruit, veg, chicken and fish.

''But when she's pregnant she eats what she wants and doesn't care about fat content or carbs.

''She eats loads, but has a slightly overactive thyroid so finds it hard to put on weight anyway. She says she's one of those lucky women who just don't put on much weight when they have their babies.''