Following the inquest into Peaches Geldof’s death, which revealed that the 25-year-old model likely died from a heroin overdose, an investigation has been launched into her drugs supply. More details surrounding Geldof’s death have been announced in the weeks since, like the fact that she was discovered by her husband Thomas Cohen in a spare bedroom of their shared home. The inquest revealed this past Thursday that she had undisclosed amounts of heroin in her system, which is “likely to have played a part in her death.”

Peaches Geldof
The cause of Geldof's death could not be determined on the scene.

According to BBC News, a police spokesman said: "Kent Police can confirm an ongoing investigation into the supply of drugs in connection with the death of Peaches Geldof.

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"There have been no arrests at this stage."

The inquest revealed some of the events that transpired before Geldof’s body was discovered. According to the police, Thomas Cohen had tried to contact his wife earlier. Cohen, a musician, had been away for the weekend with the elder of their two sons, Astala, leaving Geldof at home with their 11-month old son, Phaedra. The couple regularly did this on weekends, to allow Geldof to focus on writing her column.

Peaches Geldof Funeral
The funeral was held on Monday, April 21.

"It is believed that Peaches spent Saturday afternoon, into the evening, and Sunday morning at her home address alone," Mr Fotheringham told the inquest. "Throughout this period she maintained telephone contact with family and friends, including contact with Thomas's mother to arrange a family activity, but this was cancelled.”

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According to everyone who talked to her during this period, Peaches seemed like her normal self. Mr. Fotheringham reported that there had been no cause for concern. It wasn’t until Monday, when Geldof’s husband tried to contact her unsuccessfully, that he began to worry. He then travelled to the family home in Wrotham, Kent with his mother, Sue, and son Astala arriving at around 13:30 BST.

"Thomas entered the property and located Peaches in the spare bedroom," Mr Fotheringham said.

The rest of the inquest goes into the details of Geldof’s discovery. When the paramedics arrived, Geldof was pronounced dead on the scene, but the cause of death could not determined until the toxicology report came through. None of the Geldof family attended the hearing, which opened and adjourned within 10 minutes. A full hearing has been scheduled for June 23.

Peaches Geldof
The inquest revealed that heroin was "likely to have played a role in her death."