Peaches Geldof's widower and father want to set up a drugs charity in her honour.

The 25-year-old socialite died from a heroin overdose last April and Thomas Cohen - with who she had sons Astala, now two, and Phaedra, now 23 months - and Bob Geldof want to remember her by helping make a difference to other young people.

A source said: ''Tom and Bob have really bonded over the last year and have a great relationship.

''They are looking at setting up a charitable foundation in Peaches' name to help young people battling drug problems.''

As well as reaching out to other young people, Thomas is doing his best to make sure his sons never forget their mother.

The source said: ''Tom has asked Bob for old family photos and wants her sisters to write captions to go alongside them, so he can make a photobook of happy memories for Astala and Phaedra.

''It breaks his heart they may be too young to remember her, so he hopes a photobook can keep her memory alive.''

The family will mark the anniversary of Peaches' death with a memorial service, which her sister Pixie, 24, has taken charge of organising.

A source told Closer magazine: ''Pixie has planned a lot of the memorial service and has made a memory box about Peaches for the boys.

''She wants everyone to light a candle and pick a song that reminds them of Peaches.''