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13th March 2015

Fact: Peaches Geldof's sister Fifi has paid tribute to the tragic British TV star on what would have marked her 26th birthday. Bob Geldof's eldest daughter shared a snap of herself and her sister as children on her account on Friday (13Mar15), the day of Peaches' birthday. Peaches died of a drug overdose last year (14).

26th April 2014

Fact: The inquest into the death of British socialite Peaches Geldof is expected to open on Thursday (01May14). The mother-of-two was found dead at her home in Kent, England on 7 April (14) in what the police called "non-suspicious" and "unexplained" circumstances.

5th March 2014

Fact: Peaches Geldof, Eliza Doolittle and supermodel Jerry Hall are urging fans to spring clean their closets to raise money for charity. The trio is handing over unwanted clothes to retailer TK Maxx's joint campaign with U.K. charity Cancer Research. The clothes will be sold in the charity's stores across Britain to fund research into childhood cancers.

4th October 2013

Tweet: "Just saw Rihannas 'Pour It Up' video. Miley at the Vmas and now this - just gonna ask - whats next - actual penetrative sex in a video?! Yeesh (sic)." British socialite Peaches Geldof is shocked by Rihanna's raunchy video for her latest track Pour It Up.

31st May 2013

Tweet: "Astala is totally fine now everyone, thanks for asking!" British socialite Peaches Geldof assures fans her 13-month-old son Astala is doing well after suffering breathing difficulties on Wednesday night (29May13).

29th April 2013

Tweet: "My new little man is so sweet, he loves being swaddled so much and looks so happy like a tiny burrito baby wrapped up in it!" British socialite Peaches Geldof gushes about her new baby son Phaedra, who was born on Wednesday (24Apr13).

26th April 2013

Quote: "Tom and I are completely overjoyed to welcome Phaedra into the world." British socialite Peaches Geldof confirms reports she and husband Thomas Cohen became parents to a second son on Wednesday (24Apr13).

12th November 2012

Quote:  "I started getting a pregnancy tummy - I already have a very noticeable bump. When the test came up positive, Tom remembered that I'd been craving these particular sour sweets, which I've only ever eaten when I've been pregnant. He said, 'How could we not have guessed?'" British socialite Peaches Geldof is craving sugar now that she is expecting her second child with husband Thomas Cohen next year (13).

9th August 2012

Quote: "A reporter asked me recently if my dad was going to play my wedding. Of course he's not going to! If my dad played at my wedding I think everyone would find it massively uncomfortable, can you get more cheesy than your father serenading you and your husband with a medley of his greatest hits? I'd have nightmares forever!" Socialite Peaches Geldof insists her father Bob will not be performing as she marries fiance Tom Cohen.

22nd May 2012

Tweet: "Got baby in sling now as decided to bring doggy to park. Baby seems to cry in all prams he just wants to be close to me! Cute but heavy..!" British socialite Peaches Geldof enjoyed a day out with her new baby boy Astala on Tuesday (22May12).

8th May 2012

Tweet: "So sweet when baby boy will only fall asleep if hes (sic) lying against my chest for a hug. Know im biased by (sic) he really is the cutest baby ever." British socialite Peaches Geldof gushes about her baby boy Astala, who was born last month (Apr12).

3rd April 2012

Fact: Pregnant socialite Peaches Geldof is planning to name her unborn son Astala. The daughter of rock veteran Bob Geldof is due to give birth to her first child with fiance Thomas Cohen on 24 April (12). If the baby arrives on time, he'll share a birthday with Geldof's late mother Paula Yates.

16th March 2012

Quote: "Peaches Cohen sounds lovely. I can't speak about the wedding, but my parents had a Jewish wedding in a synagogue and I always liked that." British rocker Thomas Cohen hopes to tie the knot with Peaches Geldof, who is pregnant with his baby.

27th January 2012

Tweet: "Stephen Fry complimented me on my baby bump and asked me when I was due! Almost cr**ped myself as hes my hero but managed to answer!" Pregnant Peaches Geldof was starstruck when she met the British funnyman on Thursday night (26Jan12).

5th April 2011

Quote: "I remember her being so excited and telling me about all the crazy people she was going to interview. So I really, really want to see it." Moviemaker Eli Roth still takes an interest in his ex-girlfriend Peaches Geldof's projects - and is keen to see her British TV show Omg! WITH Peaches Geldof.

22nd February 2011

Quote: "You know when you have, like, an obnoxiously hot boyfriend? When they're just ridiculously hot and you're just, like, the obviously subordinate partner? It's so upsetting. I just feel like I have this ridiculously fit boyfriend and I'm just like, 'Raah!' in the corner." British socialite Peaches Geldof is in awe of her boyfriend, rocker THOMAS COHEN.

27th July 2010

Tweet: "Noticed that the only dudes walking down the street I ever find hot are the geeky, awkward ones with huge Buddy Holly glasses and big noses." Peaches Geldof has a thing for geeks.

28th June 2010

Tweet: "Just saw Grown Ups. It was horrible. Just so awful. Stale joke after stale joke with no comic timing. Painful. Why, Sandler, why!?" Peaches Geldof is not impressed with Adam Sandler's new movie.

29th May 2010

Quote: "I'm writing a book of short stories for children. The stories aren't like Roald Dahl, though - more like Bret Easton Ellis." Bob Geldof's wildchild daughter Peaches Geldof is working on her first book.

15th October 2009

Quote: "Literally up 'til (I was 14) he was the biggest tight a**e. He's like an Irish potato miser." Peaches Geldof slams her rocker dad BOB's frugal ways.

28th September 2009

Quote: "When I was 15 I was completely awful: I'm surprised my father put up with me when I think back to what a brat I was." Peaches Geldof is grateful for her father BOB's tolerance.

8th August 2009

Quote: "I plan on upholding the family tradition and, when I eventually have kids myself, naming them equally outlandishly. There are already too many Lilys and Mollys and Sophies out there. Bring on the Cherry Vanillas, the Sparkle Starrs, the Magenta Sunsets." Peaches Geldof plans some wacky names for her children.

3rd April 2009

Quote: "I love dorks and weirdos and misfits. Show me a muscle-bound male model, and I will turn my head towards a bespectacled, skinny, and socially awkward boy instead." Socialite Peaches Geldof on her ideal man.

28th December 2008

Quote: "Cheeky and very charming. I remember her being very beautiful when I was young. Those things faded as she got heavily into addiction, but before then she was so witty, so fashionable. Like a star." Peaches Geldof on her late mother Paula Yates.

22nd December 2008

Quote: "We wanted to do something physical that solidified the bond we felt. It's like something that you never think will happen to you, that you see in the movies and you can tell your grandkids about, like, 'Do you know what your granny did when she was 19? She got married to someone she really, really loved." Peaches Geldof on her whirlwind Las Vegas wedding to musician MAX DRUMMEY.

15th September 2008

Fact: Newlyweds Peaches Geldof and MAX DRUMMEY have had tattoos inked onto their wrists bearing each other's names.

11th November 2007

Fact: Peaches Geldof, the precocious young daughter of SIR BOB, knows how to keep herself busy. The 18-year-old's rock band RODNIK is due to release a CD in Japan next week just before she starts filming an Ugly Betty-style documentary about life in a fashion magazine.

8th October 2007

Quote: "I can't deny that having famous parents has opened doors for me but there's a lot of grief that comes with fame by association, too." Peaches Geldof comments on what it's like being the daughter of Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates.

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