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Pearl Jam (formed 1990)
Pearl Jam are an American rock band made up of bassist Jeff Ament, guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready, vocalist Eddie Vedder and drummer Matt Cameron.

Formation: Pearl Jam formed in Seattle, Washington after vocalist Andrew Wood, of Gossard and Ament's band Mother Love Bone, died from a heroin overdose. They pair sent out a demo tape to find a drummer and a singer and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons passed it on to his friend Eddie Vedder in California. Vedder recorded his voice and lyrics over the demo and sent it back to Gossard and Ament who subsequently took him in to audition. Dave Krusen was their first drummer, and they initially named the band Mookie Blaylock after the basketball player. Their first show took place at the Off Ramp Café in Seattle and they subsequently signed to Epic Records and became Pearl Jam.

Musical career: Pearl Jam recorded their debut album 'Ten' at London Bridge Studios, Seattle in 1991. The record included singles 'Alive', 'Even Flow' and 'Jeremy', was named after Mookie Blaylock's jersey number and possessed several dark themes within it. 'Alive' looked at themes of grief and incest, while 'Jeremy' is based on a true story of a gun suicide. Soon after, drummer Krusen was replaced by Matt Chamberlain after checking into rehab. Dave Abbruzzese then replaced Chamberlain to complete a string of shows the band were performing for 'Ten'. By 1992, the album had reached number 2 in the US and was certified gold (it later reached diamond status and is one of the best-selling rock albums ever). In 1993, the band received four accolades at the MTV Video Music Awards, but went against their label and refused to make a video for their song 'Black' as Vedder felt videos took away the opportunity for listeners to create their own meaning. That year they released second album 'Vs.', to another wave of success selling 950,378 copies in its first week. It included the singles 'Go', 'Daughter', 'Animal' and 'Dissident'. The band then decided against doing any more videos, made less TV appearances and gave less interviews - they also put a cap on the ticket prices for their next tour in a bid to make their music more about their fans. In 1994, Pearl Jam embarked on a Ticketmaster boycott when they discovered the ticket sellers were adding a service charge to their show tickets, despite them trying to keep prices as low as possible. They attempted to tour without involvement with Ticketmaster but it soon failed as the sellers had contracts with pretty much every major venue. They were soon placed under investigation for their 'anticompetitive conduct', with Gossard and Ament testifying against their 'monopolistic practices'. After the case was dropped, the band's fierce boycott led them to cancel their summer tour and, as well as refusing to make videos, also refused to release singles and wanted their albums to be released solely on vinyl. Third album 'Vitalogy' was released late in 1994 after there had been much tension within the band and drummer Dave Abbruzzese was fired to be replaced by Jack Irons. The album was added to the quickly growing success of the band and included the Grammy winning song 'Spin the Black Circle' as well as 'Not for You', 'Corduroy', 'Better Man' and 'Immortality'. In 1995, they made uncredited appearances on Neil Young's album 'Mirror Ball'. Two tracks were left off the album - 'I Got Id' and 'Long Road' - but Pearl Jam later released them themselves on their EP 'Merkin Ball'. In 1996 they released album 'No Code' - an album very different from their earlier sound and one that quickly slipped down the charts after opening at number one. Two years later they returned to their old sound with 'Yield' which saw them release their first video in 8 years for 'Do the Evolution', animated by Todd McFarlane. They released a documentary about the making of the album entitled 'Single Video Theory'. In 1998, drummer Jack Irons was replaced by Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron after he became frustrated with the lack of touring due to the Tickermaster boycott. They then embarked on their first full tour in a long time after giving up on the boycott, and later released a live DVD entitled 'Live on Two Legs'. In 1999, Pearl Jam released their cover of J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers' 1960 song 'Last Kiss' with all proceeds going to the Kosovo War refugees. It reached number 2 in the charts and became their highest-charting single. In 2000, they released their sixth album 'Binaural' which was their first not to be certified Platinum. On their subsequent tour, they decided to record all their shows after noting the popularity of bootleg recordings among fans. They thus released 72 live albums between 2000 and 2001. However, their European tour saw them witness a horrific accident at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark whereby nine concert goers were crushed and smothered as fans surged to the front of the stage. The band were initially blamed for the incident and cancelled the tour's final dates. They took a year's break before releasing their album 'Riot Act' in 2002 which featured singles 'I Am Mine' and 'Save You'. One track, 'Arc', was written in tribute to those who died at Roskilde Festival. The tour for the album caused controversy when Vedder impaled a rubber mask of President George W. Bush on a mic stand after singing their anti-Bush track 'Bu$hleaguer'. In 2003, they left Epic Records with no intention of releasing on another label. They recorded their single 'Man of the Hour' for the movie 'Big Fish' at the request of director Tim Burton and later received a Golden Globe nomination. That year they also released a collection of B-sides entitled 'Lost Dogs' and a live DVD entitled 'Live at the Garden' from their Madison Square Garden show. In 2004, they released live album 'Live at Benaroya Hall' as a one album deal with BMG. The following year they embarked on a tour spanning the US, Canada and Latin America. In 2006, Pearl Jam signed with J Records and released their self-titled album. It included tracks 'World Wide Suicide', 'Life Wasted' and 'Gone'. They embarked on a worldwide tour and headlined Leeds and Reading festivals despite their concerns about what happened at Roskilde. The following year, they covered The Who's 'Love, Reign o'er Me' for the film, 'Reign Over Me' before going on their European tour and headlining Lollapalooza. 2009 saw their debut album 'Ten' reissued featuring extra re-mastered and remixed tracks and a DVD of their MTV Unplugged appearance. Director Cameron Crowe released a film entitled 'Pearl Jam Twenty' to coincide with their 20th anniversary. In 2009, the band's ninth studio album 'Backspacer' opened at number one in the charts after being released through their own label Monkeywrench Records in the US. In 2013, their released tenth studio album 'Lightning Bolt' alongside singles 'Mind Your Manners' and 'Sirens'. It also reached number one.

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Album Of The Week: The 30th Anniversary Of Temple Of The Dog By Temple Of The Dog.

Soundgarden Pearl Jam

The performance, and even raison d'être, of most so called supergroups has always been questionable but back in 1991 Temple Of The Dog bucked the trend with their one and only album. Whilst the motives surrounding the formation of groups such as Asia, The Travelling Wilburys, Atoms For Peace and Them Crooked Vultures etc may have been sincere musical ventures, it remains that without exception they all amount to far less than the sum of their incredible parts would suggest. Temple Of The Dog however, a group conceived out of grief, are a one off oddity that managed to form, unite over a common purpose and deliver a great album as a consequence.

The eponymous debut album by Temple Of The Dog was a curiosity even back when it was released, and to this day remains one of the more interesting Rock collaborations just waiting to be discovered by the uninitiated. The ten track record is a tribute album that is both fitting and fantastic, never mawkish and entirely sincere and honest. After the tragic death of Mother Love Bone lead singer Andrew Wood from a heroin overdose, Soundgarden's Chris Cornell was inspired to float the idea of recording new material with members of Mother Love Bone. The material Cornell had written formed the basis for the Temple Of The Dog record with Chris Cornell recording with MLB members Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. The lineup of the new band was then substantially increased still further with the addition of singer Eddie Vedder, guitarist Mike McCready and drummer, Matt Cameron. 

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It's been a terrible month for music with the coronavirus destroying the live circuit and condemning us to our homes, but it's not been all bad. We've had these incredible albums to listen to. Silver linings!

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Music News Round-Up: New Aphex Twin, Pearl Jam Cover The White Stripes, 6Music Shake-Up

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Rock titans AC/DC are rumoured to be back in the studio, having seemingly repaired relations with singer Brian Johnson, who was forced to quit the band ahead of their Rock Or Bust world tour with hearing problems, and apparently bringing drummer Phil Rudd back in after his recent legal troubles.

Both Johnson and Rudd were spotted outside the group’s Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, Canada this week, and according to local sources, the rest of the band are in tow. Watch this space…

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Pearl Jam 'Rescheduling' London Show After Eddie Vedder Loses Voice

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder

For the first time ever, Pearl Jam were forced to cancel their second London tour date yesterday after lead singer Eddie Vedder began suffering vocal difficulties. They're expected to continue the tour later this week, providing that he gets the vocal rest he needs over the next couple of days.

Pearl Jam performing livePearl Jam performing live

The Seattle band were unable to complete the second of two shows at London's O2 Arena this week after Eddie lost his voice, but they insisted they were 'working on' a date to reschedule the concert and now expect it to come in 'mid-July'; possibly following the completion of their European dates and ahead of their US leg.

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Pearl Jam To Play Seven 'Home' And 'Away' Shows This Summer

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam will hit the road for a short set of US Home and Away tour dates this summer, hitting up stadiums in four different cities. The Home shows, which were announced earlier this week, mark their first appearance in their hometown in five years.

Pearl Jam performing livePearl Jam performing live

As well as two dates Safeco Field in Seattle on August 8th and 10th, the grunge rockers will also be playing at the Washington-Grizzly Stadium in Missoula, Montana on August 13th, with two dates at Chicago's Wrigley Field on August 18th and 20th and another two at Boston's Fenway Park on September 2nd and 4th.

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Pearl Jam Announce UK And European Tour In Summer 2018

Pearl Jam

Grunge icons Pearl Jam have announced details of a huge tour of Europe and the United Kingdom next summer, including two nights at London’s O2 Arena.

The veteran rockers will be hitting the European continent in June 2018, with their tour kicking off in Amsterdam on the 12th, hitting a number of continental festivals before winding things up at Portugal’s NOS Alive Festival on July 14th.

They’ll be taking in two consecutive nights at London’s O2 Arena on the 18th and 19th of June, representing their only British gigs on the 14-date tour.

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Pearl Jam Donate $70,000 To Man Who Saved Eddie Vedder's Life

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder

The members of rock group Pearl Jam have donated $70,000 to a man who once saved lead singer Eddie Vedder’s life after a boating accident nearly 15 years ago.

All five members of the band – Vedder, guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard, bassist Jeff Ament and drummer Matt Cameron – donated $14,000 each (anonymously, apart from Gossard) to the GoFundMe campaign aimed at helping Hawaiian sailor Keith Baxter, who suffered a gruesome injury last year, recover.

Around 2001, Baxter saved the life of Vedder and two friends when a six-man canoe they had been paddling in overturned in the ocean after its mast snapped. He and his daughter Ashley had been sailing nearby when they heard voices calling for help, after the singer and his party had been stranded for nearly two hours.

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Ed Sheeran Joins Beyonce For 'Drunk In Love' Duet At 2015 Global Citizen Festival

Ed Sheeran Beyonce Knowles Leonardo Dicaprio Coldplay Pearl Jam Ariana Grande

Ed Sheeran must have felt like he was dreaming on Saturday night, when he got to join Beyonce onstage at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival for a duet of her hit song ‘Drunk in Love’. Sheeran frequently covers the track but this was the first time he had performed his stripped down acoustic version with Queen Bey herself.

ed sheeranEd Sheeran joined Beyonce at this year’s Global Citizen Fest.

Beyonce brought out Sheeran mid-way through her set which had already included Destiny’s Child classics and a remix of ‘Crazy in Love’. But the New York crowd went wild for the Sheeran duet, which was a highlight of the already star studded festival.

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Hugh Jackman Among Hosts Of Global Citizen Festival 2015

Hugh Jackman Stephen Colbert Salma Hayek Beyonce Knowles Kerry Washington Olivia Wilde Ed Sheeran Coldplay Pearl Jam

Hugh Jackman and Stephen Colbert have been announced as some of the big name hosts of next month’s Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park.

The Global Citizen Festival, which was launched in 2012 as part of 15 year campaign to end extreme poverty worldwide by 2030, made the announcement via its website on Thursday morning (August 13th).

Salma Hayek, Olivia Wilde, Kerry Washington and Deborra-Lee Furness, Jackman’s wife, have also been confirmed as emcees for the free-ticket event which takes place in Central Park on September 26th this year.

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Billy Corgan Takes A Swipe At Dave Grohl And Pearl Jam

Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Pearl Jam

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan launched a tirade against his nineties contemporaries Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters, claiming that he “can out-write” both of them.

Talking during a radio interview on ‘The Howard Stern Show’, Corgan dismissed grunge titans Pearl Jam as “derivative”, claiming that it’s a “mystery” to him how they have managed to keep up their status as a huge arena-filling band “because I just don’t get it”.

Billy Corgan
Billy Corgan criticised his '90s contemporaries Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters in a radio interview

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