Pearl Lowe finds it ''horrible'' getting older.

The 50-year-old fashion designer - who is managed to Supergrass singer Danny Goffey - admits she hates ageing.

Asked how she feels about getting older, she said: ''It's horrible. Obviously I haven't been able to do my roots, so Daisy did them for me. She ended up doing my whole hair and it's black. I look like an old witch. Danny said I look like Mystic Meg.''

And Pearl was meant to be on tour with Danny across America, but the coronavirus pandemic has meant they are in lockdown in their house in Somerset, south west England.

Sharing her lockdown routine, she added: ''We should have been travelling across America with my husband's band, Supergrass. In our lockdown, Saturdays and Sundays are for baking, chilling out and watching films, but the weekdays have a structure. We do a Frame dance class every morning.

''I got my book Vintage Craft out, and Daisy and I made a cabinet from an old apple cart. We've made our own candles in jam jars using soy wax, and cardamom and rose essential oils. I've been putting wallpaper on the inside of all the cupboards. I've got so many glass-fronted cabinets in the house - I've been putting lace on the inside of those so you can't see what's inside.''

Meanwhile, Pearl also confessed she is a ''real homebody''.

She shared to The Sunday Times newspaper's Home supplement: ''I am a real homebody: it's everything to me. I had my first daughter [model Daisy] in my late teens, so I nested very early. While all my friends were still at university, going out raving, I was at home cooking, cleaning and doing the kinds of things an 18-year-old would only be doing in the 1950s.''