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Pearl Mackie Teases "Hilarious" 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special

This Christmas, the Doctor will be regenerating all over again, with Jodie Whittaker taking over the titular role in 'Doctor Who' and becoming the first female-bodied version of the character to ever hit the small...

Pearl Mackie Won't Return As Bill Potts To 'Doctor Who' In 2018

News broke at this weekend's San Diego Comic Con that while Pearl Mackie would be reprising her role as Bill Potts in the upcoming 'Doctor Who' Christmas special episode later this year, it would be...

Pearl Mackie Unsure If She'll Return For 'Doctor Who' Series 11

For almost 10 full seasons now, 'Doctor Who' has been entertaining audiences on the BBC since the series' re-emergence, bringing the iconic sci-fi character back to the small screen as a formidable force. With a...

Race Becomes An Important Theme For 'Doctor Who' Season 10

The third episode of 'Doctor Who' series 10 is coming this weekend, and with it some very serious themes regarding race and the 'whitewashing' of history. Previous episodes have already touched on LGBT issues and...

'Doctor Who' Showrunner Steven Moffat Brushes Off Gay Assistant Backlash

‘Doctor Who’ writer Steven Moffat has dismissed the controversy that greeted the recent news that the Timelord’s assistant will be a gay woman as “nonsense”, saying that the move was the “minimal level of representation”...

Pearl Mackie: 'I Had Mad First Day On Doctor Who Set'

Pearl, 28, who will star as Bill alongside Peter Capaldi's Time Lord in the science-fiction show's forthcoming series, filmed preview scenes this month (Apr16), ahead of production getting fully underway in May (16)....

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