Speaking to Contact Music following their fourth album release 'Choir of Echoes', Peggy Sue's Rosa Slade tells us how happy she is with the end product, her enjoyment of literature, recording at Rockfield studios and the main influence behind the new Peggy Sue sound. 

"Yes, we're happy with the album, it's a nice feeling", she said when asked about the new album. "The band had a clear idea about what the album would sound like from the offset." Peggy Sue have released three studio albums since their formation in 2006; 2010 debut 'Fossils and Other Phantoms', 2011's 'Acrobats' and 2012's 'Peggy Sue Play the Songs of Scorpio Rising'. Rosa cited the 2012 release as a major influence behind their newest release saying,"It's got lots of traditional doo-wop vocals and, like, using your voice as an instrument."

A passion for literature is also evident as she explains that a Greek myth about a nymph named Echo contributed towards part of the album title, whilst stating she has "really become interested in poetry" and listed Ted Hughes, Sean Borrowdale and W.H Auden among her favourites. It was perhaps this interest that aided the poetic and metaphorical lyrics ever present in the works of Peggy Sue. 

Peggy Sue talk about their new album

Released in early 2014 - under the Yep Roc label - Peggy Sue recorded 'Choir of Echoes' at the famous Rockfield Studios, the birthplace of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and where Oasis recorded a UK number one album. Rosa said she and the band had "an incredible time" working there, before adding, "We were also staying there over the weekend. When we weren't working we'd be going out walking, going to the pub together; it was much more relaxed and I think that comes across in the album. It sounds a lot more chilled out and upbeat."

However, she warns fans that, although they were pleased to have captured the sound they wanted 'Choir' to have from the beginning, the band's voice will "probably change again". Though, she insists that "it will be a good change!"

'Choir of Echoes' is out now with the band preparing to embark on a tour of the US this February.

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