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Murder On The Orient Express Trailer

It's the 1930s and a group of strangers from different walks of life board a crowded luxury train called the Orient Express in Istanbul, preparing for a long overnight journey to their destination. Among them is the world famous detective Hercule Poirot who certainly isn't expecting to be working in such circumstances, but when a passenger named Edward Ratchett is found havng been brutally murdered in his sleep on the second night, it's up to him to gather all available evidence and wheedle out all of the suspects. So who are they? He soon deduces that the potential killer could be one of eleven including Professor Gerhard Hardman, Edward Masterman the Butler, Count Andrenyi, Hector MacQueen the Assistant, Mary Debenham the Governess, Pilar Estravados the Missionary, Mrs. Hubbard the Widow, Marquez the Salesman, Hildegarde Schmidt the Maid, Doctor Arbuthnot or Princess Dragomiroff. 

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Ma Ma Review

Very Good

From Spain, this drama grapples with some enormous issues without getting too heavy about them. It's emotionally wrenching without ever feeling sentimental, because inventive filmmaker Julio Medem (Sex & Lucia) keeps the tone funny and full of life. He also gets sparkling performances from Penelope Cruz and Luis Tosar, who keep the movie bright and hopeful even as the characters face mortality and death.

Cruz plays Magda, a feisty woman who turns all of her energy toward her lively teen son Dani (Teo Planell) after ditching her womanising husband Raul (Alex Brendemuhl). Dani is a star player on his school football team, attracting the attention of top scout Arturo (Tosar), whose life is shaken to the core when his daughter is killed in a car crash that leaves his wife in a coma. Secretly, Magda has been dealing with issues of her own, going through treatment for advanced breast cancer with her attentive doctor Julian (Asier Etxeandia). When things get more serious, she sends Dani away to stay with his aunt (Monica Sagrera). And while he's away, she and Arturo help each other through their darkest moments.

The film is a rollercoaster of emotions, from soaring happiness to deep despair, and Medem's approach is so honest that this never feels jarring. It's a look at the resilience of the human spirit, which can remain optimistic even when things get tough. Using dry humour and truthful emotions, he explores the importance of choosing joy, seamlessly mixing comedy and tragedy while refusing to let this become a traditional weepy drama. Within this open-handed approach, Cruz shines as a radiant woman who faces life head-on. Her interaction with each of the other characters is complex and engaging, especially in the surprising journey Magda takes with Arturo. Tosar is excellent, as always, with equally layered side roles beautifully played by Planell and Exteandia.

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Grimsby Review


Although it contains some memorably outrageous comedy moments, this movie (retitled The Brothers Grimsby for North America) is such an awkward combination of gross-out humour, violent action and sappy sentimentality that it never becomes a classic. Sacha Baron Cohen creates yet another lively alter ego as lager lout Noddy, although he isn't nearly as fully formed as the indelible Ali G, Borat and Bruno.

Noddy Butcher lives in Grimsby, northeast England, with his girlfriend (Rebel Wilson) and 9 or maybe 11 kids. His main passions in life are football and beer, then he learns that his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) is alive and working as a super-spy. So Noddy heads to London and crashes Sebastian's latest mission, protecting a model-turned-philanthropist (Penelope Cruz). In the havoc, the brothers end up on the run trying to both clear their names and prevent an impending terror attack. This takes them to South Africa and Chile, as they're pursued by both a villainous thug (Scott Adkins) and a ruthless assassin (Sam Hazeldine) hired by Sebastian's boss (Ian McShane). Along the way, they're assisted by Sebastian's love-lorn colleague (Isla Fisher), locals (including Gabourey Sidibe and Barkhad Abdi) and the gang from Nobby's hometown pub.

The script merrily pushes the boundaries of taste, often with riotous vulgarity. Some of this is so jaw-dropping that it's funny (an unforgettable scene involving a herd of elephants), while other jokes are harder to take (a running gag about HIV infection). Most of the humour centres squarely on male genitalia and anal insertion, which gives the film an oddly homophobic undercurrent that will only amuse the drunken yobs in the audience. More interesting is the wildly astute pastiche of Britain's perceived benefits fraud subculture. But director Louis Leterrier (The Transporter) seems uninterested in this, instead focussing on intensely brutal action, which results in an unusually high body count for a comedy.

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Zoolander 2 Review


With virtually the same blend of wit and idiocy as the 2001 original, this fashion-scene comedy is funny enough to spark some solid laughter in between the gags that fall flat. The punchlines are simple and the characters paper thin, but this world is so ripe for parody that the rather awkward mix of in-jokes and satire can't help but hit the bullseye every now and then.

Things haven't been great for top supermodel Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) over the past 15 years. His reading school collapsed in tragedy, sending him to live as a "hermit crab" in the wilds of northern New Jersey. And with a facial injury, his cohort Hansel (Owen Wilson) has retired in the wasteland of Malibu. Then Italian designer Atoz (Kristen Wiig) summons them to Rome, just as Interpol agent Valentina (Penelope Cruz) is investigating a series of popstar murders that seem linked to Derek's past. Teaming up with Valentina, Derek and Hansel track down their old nemesis Mugatu (Will Ferrell), reconnect with Derek's long-lost son (Cyrus Arnold) and discover a sinister conspiracy.

Stiller directs the film as if it's the next instalment in the Da Vinci Code saga, complete with shadowy secret rituals and ominous chase sequences. But the dialogue remains utterly ludicrous, as this "ridiculously good-looking" duo go through their individual existential crises, clueless that the world has moved on without them. Stiller and Wilson reprise the hang-dog charm that made the characters so likeable the first time round. Although this time Derek gets some emotional depth, while Hansel plays the action hero. Ferrell and Wiig camp it up to the rafters in their colourful roles, while Cruz vamps through the film in bombshell love-interest mode. Her deadpan performance might actually be the funniest thing in the movie. And each scene is packed with big-star cameos, some of which are genuinely amusing.

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Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Strike A Pose At 'Zoolander No 2' Premiere

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Will Ferrell Penelope Cruz

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson brought fun, fashion and laughs to London last night, for the premiere of Zoolander No.2 in the capital’s Leicester Square. They were joined by co-stars Christine Taylor, Penelope Cruz and Will Ferrell, who all walked the special ‘blue carpet’ in honour of Derek Zoolander’s infamous ‘blue steel’ pose.

Ben Stiller and Owen WilsonBen Stiller and Owen Wilson at the Zoolander No. 2 premiere.

But before the screening got underway, Ben Stiller managed to break a world record for the longest selfie stick, after taking a huge selfie on the blue carpet. Stiller’s special stick measured a massive 28 feet.

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Blue Steel Hits The Big Time: Derek Zoolander Lands First Vogue Cover

Ben Stiller Penelope Cruz Owen Wilson

Derek Zoolander is the cover star for February’s issue of Vogue, alongside Penelope Cruz. With Zoolander 2 hitting cinemas on February 12th it’s about time the ridiculously good-looking male model landed on the cover of the world’s biggest style magazine and inside actor Ben Stiller spills on getting some of fashion’s biggest names onboard for the comedy.

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'Zoolander 2' Breaks Record For Most Watched Comedy Trailer

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Penelope Cruz Will Ferrell Justin Bieber Benedict Cumberbatch

Zoolander 2 is still months away from hitting cinemas, but it’s already broken a record thanks to its trailer. The comedy, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, is released on February 2nd, but fans have been viewing its trailer so much that its made the record books.

Zoolander 2Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz in Zoolander 2.

According to studio Paramount, the Zoolander 2 trailer is now “the most successful comedy trailer launch of all time”, having been viewed over 52.2 million times. The two-and-a-half minute clip was released on November 18th and even including a glimpse of Justin Bieber, who will cameo in the film.

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Zoolander 2 - Trailer Trailer

Derek, Hansel and some other familiar faces are back in Zoolander 2! After offering their services to 'The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too' Derek and Hansel find themselves pining for a time when they were the biggest names in fashion. Only a few years might've past but the fashion industry is a very different place and one that's left them FAR behind.

When an Interpol agent finds a unique pattern to a series of deaths - some of the world's most beautiful people - she knows that Derek Zoolander is the only one who can help catch the killer. Pop stars including Demi Lovato and Lenny Kravitz have all been found dead with a certain look alluding to Blue Steel on their face.

Zoolander 2 is the follow up to the 2001 film and it once again sees Stiller team up with Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. The film was written by Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux and will be released in cinemas from February 2016.

Non-White Ethnic Groups Dangerously Under/Misepresented In Hollywood

Penelope Cruz Chiwetel Ejiofor

A study has found that non-white ethnic groups were severely underrepresented in Hollywood in 2013, indicating deep-seated issues regarding inclusion and equality at the heart of the movie industry.

12 Years a Slave'12 Years a Slave' - an Oscar winner with a predominantly black cast. But Hollywood is still far, far behind

The study found that, while America’s population includes a large Hispanic population – more than 16% - only 4.9% played speaking parts in blockbuster movies from 2013. Black actors were cast in 14.1% of roles and 17% of films had no black speaking characters.

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Reasons To Ignore The Critics And See 'The Counsellor' Tonight

Michael Fassbender Brad Pitt Penelope Cruz Javier Bardem Dean Norris Ridley Scott

At least let us explain ourselves. The world has turned against The Counsellor lately; negative reviews have flown in to the tune of a 34% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and people are ready to write off Ridley Scott’s directorial career. But at the risk of sounding contrary, there are a few reasons you should go and see The Counsellor tonight when it hits U.K cinemas. And here they are:

Javier Bardem and Michael Fassbender
Javier Bardem and Michael Fassbender in The Counsellor

Make your own mind up

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Despite A Great Cast, 'The Counselor' Gets Lost In A Crazed Mess Of A Script

Ridley Scott Michael Fassbender Brad Pitt Javier Bardem Cameron Diaz Penelope Cruz

The Counselor is the latest film from No Country for Old Men writer Cormac McCarthy, making his screenwriting debut alongside director Ridley Scott, with a film that explores the complexities of hustling, and the fact that no matter how big a shark you think you are, there's always a bigger one swimming nearby.

The Counselor
Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender make up part of an impressive cast

The premise and the names attached tot he film all looked as though they fit into place, and The Counselor seemed to be the latest hot Oscar contender, however, upon closer inspection it looks as though the pieces were too big after all, and the film looks unlikely to stand up to expectation.

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Marion Cotillard And Michael Fassbender To Share The Screen In Macbeth

Marion Cotillard Michael Fassbender Javier Bardem Penelope Cruz Cameron Diaz

In what can only be described as a monolithic prospect, screen stars Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender will unite to portray Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The French actress will play Lady Macbeth, while Fassbender fulfils the titular role.

Marion CotillardCotillard stars in David Bowie's video for The Next Day alongside Gary Oldman

Natalie Portman was set to play the powerful character in See-Saw Film’s cinematic adaptation of the classic, but given that she’s all set to helm her directorial debut - A Tale Of Love And Darkness – Cotillard has stepped in.

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Michael Fassbender In Too Deep In 'The Counselor' [Trailer + Pictures]

Michael Fassbender Javier Bardem Penelope Cruz Cameron Diaz Ridley Scott

It’s all very sleek; shiny cars, handsome people, phone conversations that don’t end with a goodbye. That’s the world Michael Fassbender lives in, probably in real life, but most prominently, in The Counselor, Ridley Scott’s taut looking new thriller, which has a sexy new trailer.

Michael Fassbender and Brad PittMichael Fassbender and Brad Pitt in The Counselor

This is Cormac McCarthy’s screenwriting debut, and it’s a highly anticipated debut considering the success of his novels, and the subsequent translation of The Road from page to screen. Scott provides the visual pedigree, having helmed such cinematic behemoths as Gladiator and Prometheus.

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The Counsellor Trailer

'The Counsellor' tells the story of a naive lawyer who holds the belief that dabbling in drug-trafficking is the best way to earn a little extra cash. However, that dabbling evolves into full-blown dealing which consumes his life and infects with all the corruption, betrayal and pain he thought he could avoid. Now with some seriously ruthless criminals on his tail, he begins to realise that there is nothing that these people will not do to get what they want and the odds on his life begin to get higher and higher. Unless he can work out who his friends are, he has no hope of returning to his normal life, but in a world where disloyalty affects everyone's relationships, he begins to wonder if he really has anyone there for him at all.

Directed by the triple Oscar nominated Sir Ridley Scott ('Prometheus', 'Gladiator', 'Alien'), this high-energy, gritty thriller is all about corruption and how smalls mistakes can lead to major consequences. The screenplay has been written by novellist Cormac McCarthy ('No Country for Old Men', 'All the Pretty Horses') and it features an exciting, star-studded cast ensemble. It is set to reach UK cinemas everywhere on November 15th 2013.

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Penelope Cruz Cast As Oldest Bond Girl At 40?

Penelope Cruz James Bond Sam Mendes Javier Bardem

Penelope Cruz has been cast as the next Bond girl and is set to appear in the next installment, which will most likely be directed again by Sam Mendes, after 2012's Skyfall success.

With planned filming next summer (2014), Cruz will become the oldest ever Bond girl at 40, a year older than Goldfinger's Honor Blackman who was 39 when she played Pussy Galore in one of the most memorable Bond girl performances alongside Sean Connery

The Spanish actress, currently pregnant with her second child with fellow actor Javier Bardem, will star in the 100million budget 24th James Bond movie. 

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Filmaker Bigas Luna Remembered By Stars Following His Passing

Penelope Cruz

Acclaimed Spanish film maker Bigas Luna passed away at his home in Tarragona, in North East Spain, this Saturday (April 6) and has since been remembered by two of Spain's biggest exports in Javier Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz, two stars that Luna can claim to have discovered. The filmaker's passing came after his long battle with cancer ended in defeat, but his passing will only serve to further cement his place in Spanish cinema folklore.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem
Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem led the way in tributes to Luna

Luna worked with Bardem and Cruz together in the 1992 film Jamon, Jamon and naturally these two led the way in remembering the fallen great, with each of the stars issuing their own public statement in regards to the news. A distressed Bardem, who worked with Luna numerous times including his first movie acting role in 1990's The Ages of Lulu, before working again on Jamon, Jamon, 1993's Golden Balls and 1994's Le Teta y la Luna, began his remembrance saying, "I don't know where to begin," but eventually found his voice, adding that he the director brought him "the woman I love" and "a career that I never dreamed I could have."

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Hurray! Penelope Cruz Pregnant With Baby No 2

Penelope Cruz Javier Bardem

It seems the rumors are true, Penelope Cruz is indeed pregnant again! The 38-year-old actress is expecting her second child with husband Javier Bardem, confirming the news herself to Spanish TV station TVE! The Oscar-winner gushed that she's "tremendously happy and excited," about her baby-to-be with Bardem, 43, reports US Weekly magazine.

The pregnancy means the Spanish actress will not be in attendance at the Goya Awards in Madrid on February 17, 2013. The baby will join big brother Leo, 2, and also a little cousin, with Penelope's young sister Monica Cruz announcing in January that she was expecting her first child via an anonymous sperm donor. Back in June 2011, Cruz - who married Bardem at a friend's home in the Bahamas - told Vogue that motherhood is a "revolutionary experience," adding, "That's the best way I can describe it . . . when you see that face, you are transformed forever."

Javier Bardem's pretty empty schedule for 2013 suddenly makes a whole load of sense. He recently wrapped up filming on Ridley Scott's highly anticipated thriller 'The Counselor' with Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and wife Penelope. She also completed work on the indie-comedy I'm So Excited.

Penelope Cruz And Javier Barden Are Expecting Baby No. 2

Penelope Cruz

Looks likes there's another mouth to feed on the way in the Cruz-Bardem household, as screen star Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem are expecting their second child together!

First reported in the New York Daily News, the happy couple are set to add to their family again after they welcomed son Leo Encinas Bardem in January 2011. According to E! News, Penelope is "about three months" into her pregnancy already.

Earlier this year Penelope made her first and only public appearance on the red carpet of the Venuto al Mondo premiere in the Spanish capital of Madrid on January 10. Wearing a very loose black dress and coat, easily concealing any potential baby bumps, Cruz did raise some eyebrows over her outfit choice but little else was made about it. Clearly, Cruz is both practical and glamourous when it comes to getting dressed up, not to mention a little crafty.

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A Week In Movies Featuring: Argo, My Brother The Devil, Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman, Hitchcock, Emma Stone, Penelope Cruz And More!

As big movies like Skyfall and Argo open in the USA and UK respectively, it's the smaller titles that are getting the most attention. The British independent drama My Brother the Devil won awards at Sundance and festivals in Berlin, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and has garnered four-star reviews across the board from UK critics this weekend. Now the public gets a chance to see it.

In London, the stars turned out this week for the premiere of Gambit, a remake of the 1966 heist comedy. The film's stars Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman and Tom Courtenay were on hand both for the red carpet premiere and a meet-the-filmmakers event at London's Apple Store.
Hitchcock Trailer

Meanwhile, Helen Mirren has been doing Q&As in London for her new film Hitchcock, in which she plays Alma Reville, wife of Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins). The movie traces the making of Psycho with Janet Leigh (Scarlett Johansson), Vera Miles (Jessica Biel) and Anthony Perkins (James D'Arcy). A new trailer makes it look like a lot of fun. And a probable awards contender too.

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Video - Penelope Cruz Is Kissed By 'Venuto Al Mondo' Director At Rome Photocall

'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' star Penelope Cruz poses during a photocall in Rome to promote her latest movie 'Venuto al Mondo'. She is snapped alongside the director and writer Sergio Castellitto, stars Saadet Aksoy, Adnan Haskovic and Pietro Castellitto, and the author of the original novel Margaret Mazzantini.

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To Rome With Love Review

Very Good
After Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen remains in a cheery European mode for another breezy comedy tinged with magical realism. This one's actually four separate stories that are very loosely interwoven as people struggle with the unpredictability of romance and fame. And like Midnight in Paris, it shows off Rome in the most beautiful light imaginable.

Baldwin plays an architect who returns to his student stomping grounds and meets Jack (Eisenberg), who seems to be living his old life, even as he falls for a friend (Page) of his girlfriend (Gerwig). Meanwhile, there's Leopoldo (Benigni), a dull businessman who suddenly becomes a celebrity for no reason he can see, is pursued everywhere by the paparazzi and starts to enjoy the high life. Across town, Jerry and Phyllis (Allen and Davis) arrive to meet the fiance (Parenti) of their daughter (Pill). Then Jerry pushes a future in-law (Armiliato) into becoming the latest opera sensation. Finally, a young couple arrives from the country to start a new life in the city, but the husband (Tiberi) ends up having a farcical day out with a sexy prostitute (Cruz) while the wife (Mastronardi) meets her favourite actor (Albanese).

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To Rome With Love Trailer

Woody Allen takes us on a romp around yet another beautiful European city with his latest film To Rome With Love. Set in one of the most beautiful and romantic cites in the world (unsurprisingly) Rome, the film is broken down into four parts and the tale follows the escapades and relationships of holiday makers and local residents alike, each story individually unravels and gives us a glimpse into their -generally complicated & quirky- lives.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

Very Good
Captain Jack Sparrow is back for another high seas romp and, despite the long running time, this is more freewheeling comedy than action adventure. And while it's hilarious fun, it's also so meandering that it's a bit dull.

In London, Jack (Depp) is brought before George II (Griffiths) so he can help the Brits beat the Spanish to the Fountain of Youth. But after an elaborate escape, Jack ends up in the crew of the ship captained by the evil Blackbeard (McShane) and his daughter Angelica (Cruz), with whom Jack has a past. So now Blackbeard, the Spanish and the British, led by Jack's old nemesis/pal Barbossa (Rush), are racing to the Caribbean to find the secret of immortality. And their first task is to capture a mermaid.

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Bandidas Review

In the history of really silly wigs, Dwight Yoakam's long, crimped black hair in Bandidas has gone and snuck its way into the top ten. It's part of the silliness of the film that stops it from being a truly terrible movie. That being said, there's no other compliments I can ratchet out for this sucker.

It's the old west and things aren't well. Tyler Jackson (Yoakam) has used a six-shooter to take over much of the land in Mexico, and wants to use all of this to make connections and money through big time land developers. He makes a mistake when he shoots the father of Maria (Penélope Cruz) and poisons the wealthy father of Sara (Selma Hayek). After some squabbling over class, they decide to pair up as bank robbers and steal all of Jackson's money, getting tips from retired bank robber Bill Buck (Sam Shepard, why?). They eventually pair with a forensic psychologist (Steve Zahn) who starts falling for both the girls as they plan to breach Jackson's big vault.

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Vanilla Sky Review

The single best scene in Vanilla Sky, and maybe in the entire year of cinema, takes place right at the beginning of this film. On the surface it's not anything that special, just a scene of Tom Cruise, running panicked through Times Square in New York City. Only Times Square is completely devoid of traffic or pedestrians. As is every street we can see down. New York, effectively, is empty. Whether this was done legitimately or with digital effects (or a combination of both), I don't know. And I couldn't tell, either. It's a powerful shot to launch what should have been a powerful movie.

Sadly, it's a bit downhill from there. While Vanilla Sky is a solid effort, it's unfortunately short of genius. The very project is a bit curious. Is Cameron Crowe, the permanent teenager responsible for perfectly good yet light-as-a-feather comedies like Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, up to the challenge of remaking a Spanish psychodrama? Crowe goes through the motions, and from time to time he proves that he can handle heavier material, but Vanilla Sky is too murky to be much more than a holiday distraction -- far from the cult classic that the original Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) has become.

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Head In The Clouds Review

Why anyone thought this title suitable for a complex romantic thriller I can only guess: The central character, the flighty, ravishing Gilda Bessé (Charlize Theron), has no concern for anything that limits her pleasures and, while her closest friends (and lovers) are making serious commitments in response to the threat of fascism, she maintains her socialite amusements and keeps her "head in the clouds." It seems a title borrowed from some Disney fantasy rather than applying to the wartime tragedy that is attempted here.

The daughter of a French aristocrat raised by an American mother, Cambridge University student Gilda has garnered a reputation for campus scandal. Irish born Guy (Stuart Townsend, Theron's real life squeeze), on the other hand, is a struggling student on scholarship and is of a more serious nature. So, when his Cambridge dorm door flies open one rainy night in 1933, and the notorious Gilda herself asks for shelter, his world is rocked. He sensibly makes no moves on her when she stays the night, giving her attraction to him a basis of credibility when the sex sparks fly later.

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Masked & Anonymous Review

Masked & Anonymous, as a title, comes across as a vague, artsy moniker as inaccessible as the film it represents. But look closer at the name of this movie about revolution and despair, and you'll discover a clear reference to the film's writers; credited as Rene Fontaine and Sergei Petrov, the screenwriters have been unmasked, as it were, revealed to be the film's iconic star, Bob Dylan, and director Larry Charles (HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm).

The result of this combination is an overly ambitious film that's as muddled and cryptic as a mumble-filled Dylan vocal. Dylan stars as the symbolically named Jack Fate, an apparent musical legend, jailed in the midst of a brutally downtrodden America where the government has taken over, war is rampant, and even the counter-revolutionaries have counter-revolutionaries.

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Blow Review

In the famed cocaine drama Scarface, I remember a lot of gun battles and bowl after bowl of cocaine spilled on the table. I do not remember heartfelt talks with dad, a cancer-stricken girlfriend, and a child custody battle.

Yet such is the world of Blow, the most wildly anticipated drug thriller since, well, last year's Traffic. Welcome to the "based on a true story" tale of George Jung (the inimitable Johnny Depp), just a suburban boy from New England who tires of his conservative life and heads for -- where else -- L.A. Here (in the 1960s, natch), Jung hooks up with the local hair stylist/drug dealer and starts his own small pot distributorship. Soon enough he's running drugs back to Boston with the help of his friends and flight attendant girlfriend (Run Lola Run's Franka Potente). But just as he's made a name for himself, he gets busted and lands in prison.

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Head In The Clouds Review


A handsome misfire of romanticized misfortune and decadence, war and idealism, tragedy and melodrama, "Head in the Clouds" aspires to be a sweetly risqué twist on the spirit of "Casablanca." But miscast leads and ersatz emotions leave the film's soundstagey period ambiance as its most comparable asset.

Underwhelming, accent-wavering Stuart Townsend ("Queen of the Damned") stars as Guy, an aspiring young writer and political idealist who comes under the spell of Gilda (Charlize Theron), a magnetically reckless woman who lives for the moment and for pleasure, believing she's doomed to die at 34 (as per an opening-scene palm reading). Passionate but uncommitted lovers at Cambridge in the early 1930s, they meet again in Paris just before the German occupation, where their disparate values in sex and life lead their renewed affair into tumultuous territory.

Townsend and Theron (a couple in real life) are wrong for their parts, both of which call for actors who can wear their intellects on their sleeves for confrontations that are at once lusty, emotionally raw and political in nature. More appropriately cast is Penelope Cruz as Mia, another of Gilda's lovers and a sexy Spanish dancer who became crippled, then turned to nursing in the hopes of returning to her country to serve in its republican revolution.

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Gothika Review


If only screenwriter Sebastian Gutierrez had put as much effort into story logic and credible characters as director Mathieu Kassovitz puts into generating seat-grabbing goosebumps in "Gothika," the wannabe-cerebral supernatural horror thriller might have had more going for it than just a few good shudders and jumps.

The first above-the-title starring vehicle for 2002 Oscar winner Halle Berry -- playing a criminal psychologist who blacks out after a car accident and wakes up in her own prison asylum, accused of axe-murdering her husband -- the film begins with a strike against it for its laughable attempts at evocative dialogue in the opening-scene rantings of a wild-eyed inmate (Penelope Cruz).

"He opened me like a flower of pain...and it felt goooood," the pretty Spaniard flares, all dowdied-down in Serious Actress Mode. "(Then) I cut his Adam's apple in half like a soft fruit on a summer day."

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Penelope Cruz

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Penelope Cruz

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28th April, 1974








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The Counsellor Trailer

The Counsellor Trailer

'The Counsellor' tells the story of a naive lawyer who holds the belief that dabbling...

I'm So Excited! [Los Amantes Pasajeros] Movie Review

I'm So Excited! [Los Amantes Pasajeros] Movie Review

Fans of more recent Almodovar films like The Skin I Live In or Volver should...