Penelope Cruz plans to take a step back from acting.

The 40-year-old star - who is currently producing 'Ma Ma'- wants to do more work behind the camera where she'll be focussing on making a movie to build a ''future in cinema''.

She told ''I want to build what could be my future in cinema, not always being in front of the camera. I'd also like to direct a feature, maybe 10 years from now. For now, I'm directing commercial and video-clips - I love that. And it's the best way to learn. I want to go slowly, step by step. I'm following the whole production process very closely, from the film's inception.''

Cruz also stars in 'Ma Ma' as Magda, a mother who tries to overcome a tragedy she's experienced, and insists she likes playing characters who are different to herself.

She added: ''Maybe, she battles for things because all sorts of things happen to her. She's optimistic. But her pace and energy are different. Acting interests me a great deal more than playing someone very much like myself. The further away she is from me, the more possibilities that offers as an actress. That's acting - the beauty of risk, facing up to the unknown, placing yourself in the skin of someone you invite into your life for a time, someone who isn't you.''

Cruz last hit the big screen in last year's 'The Counselor' alongside A-List cast including Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt.