The Greetings From Tim Buckley trailer has been released, which has spurred a flurry of chat surrounding the upcoming indie flick, which depicts the life of the lost musicians Jeff and Tim Buckley. A trailer’s all well and good, but is the film any good?

The film received a generally positive buzz from festival screenings, but buzz won’t implore people to go and watch a film. Unfortunately, the reviews aren’t rolling in just yet, but the ever reliable people at The Hollywood Reporter have sunken their reviewing teeth into the film, and think it’s pretty good, particularly commenting on the mood set: “Andrij Parekh’s lighting and the edgy, expressive hand-held camera give a New York moodiness to the film,” notes the review, which does move towards a slight criticism. “One frustrating thing is the absence of Jeff’s music in the film – only heard in a few tantalizing riffs with his future songwriter Gary Lucas (Frank Wood).”

On taking on such the important and enigmatic role of Jeff Buckley, Penn Badgley was honest about his feelings. "It was daunting," he told THR about taking on the role, during an interview in Toronto. "I was nervous as hell and I knew nobody thought I could do it. There are parts of Jeff I can’t emulate at all and wouldn’t want to try."