Moviemaker Penny Marshall has opened up about her decision to terminate a pregnancy.

The A League of Their Own director recently revealed the information while promoting her new memoirs My Mother is Nuts, and now she has spoken out about falling pregnant in a Tv news interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Marshall admits she was stunned when she discovered she was with child shortly after cult Tv sitcom Laverne & Shirley had ended its run in the 1980s - because she didn't have a steady boyfriend.

She says, "It was my life that I was dealing with and so I have a right to an opinion. I already had a kid. It wasn't like it was my first kid."

Marshall was 19 when she had her first child, Tracy, with college sweetheart Michael Henry.

She admits she has no regrets about her decision to go through with the termination: "I didn't wish I hadn't (had the abortion)."