Perrie Edwards' boyfriend wants to become a DJ.

The Little Mix singer has reportedly offered to put her soccer star beau Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in contact with some of her music industry pals in order to help him reach his dream of banging out tunes on his decks.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Ox has a big passion for music and DJing has become one of his favourite hobbies. He has decks and often picks tunes for the Arsenal dressing room. Perrie is encouraging it as their love of music is one of the main things they have in common. She has loads of friends in the industry who can help him out, including producers and other DJs, so she's told him she'll put him in touch.

''He's not planning to be the next Calvin Harris, his priority is football, but he does love DJing and wants to see where it can go.''

Although the 23-year-old beauty is keen to help her man break into the music scene, both her and Alex are determined to keep their romance under wraps for now.

An insider explained: ''Perrie wants to keep her lovelife private and also doesn't want to be regarded as a stereotypical football WAG. It's early days and they're still getting to know each other so it's unlikely her stance will change. Alex fully supports her as he too wants to be known as a footballer, not dating a pop star.''