Perrie Edwards is the new face of restaurant chain Nando's.

The Little Mix star has been unveiled as the face of the South African restaurant chain, which is famed for its peri-peri chicken dishes and operates over 1,000 outlets in 35 countries, including the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia.

Perrie has already filmed an advertisement for the restaurant, and sources have called her an ''obvious fit'' for the role.

One insider told The Sun newspaper: ''Perrie is an obvious fit for Nando's.

''She's young and popular and loves the brand. She shot an advert for the restaurant on Friday morning.''

The 'Woman Like Me' hitmaker is known to be an avid fan of the spicy chicken eatery, as she previously admitted to being ''addicted'' to Nando's.

When asked during a question and answer session where she likes to eat whilst on tour, she said: ''Nandos!!! I love it, I'm actually addicted to it! Never lets you down! (sic)''

And 26-year-old Perrie no doubt loves getting Nando's food delivered to her house, where she can sit on her own and gorge on the tasty treats with a bottle of wine, as her band mate Jesy Nelson recently revealed Perrie ''loves sitting at home and drinking wine''.

Spilling on her pal's drinking habits, Jesy said: ''Perrie just loves sitting at home drinking wine to herself. I hate wine, I couldn't think of anything worse, for me the enjoyment of being drunk is just being with my friends and having fun, I wouldn't get enjoyment from just sitting at home getting drunk on my own.

''I love cocktails, I love any sort of alcohol that doesn't taste like alcohol.''