British singer Pete Burns has revealed the damage he suffered after his botched lip surgery was so extreme doctors considered amputating his jaw.
The former Dead or Alive frontman won his case against London Harley Street doctor Maurizio Viel in 2008 after a lip implant operation left him needing major corrective surgery.
Burns flew to Italy where he underwent more than 100 further procedures to correct the damage after suffering an adverse reaction to the collagen implants, which left him facing the frightening prospect of losing his entire jaw.
And the singer is relieved he managed to find a surgeon who was able to reconstruct his face without resorting to the extreme operation.
He tells Britain's This Morning, "I was saved. I went all over the world to the best surgeons I could find and no one could save me from what he'd done. There was going to be lip amputation... jaw amputation, and I found a surgeon in Italy, a cancer reconstructor (sic) specialist called Giovanni Ferrando, who has now set up an office in London who maintains my face and maintains the damage that still goes on with it."
And Burns has vowed to never have any more surgery, apart from procedures to maintain the work he has already had done: "This is not classical good looks, I've gone as far as I will go, now mine is going to be maintenance.
"When you go through what I went through with Maurizio Veil I would never have cosmetic surgery again, and luckily I found someone who could save me and rebuild my face."