Carl Barât and Pete Doherty argued over singing on the new Libertines album.

The pair have shared vocals in the past but they admitted they had several heated rows during the making of their third studio LP 'Anthems For Doomed Youth' because they each wanted to sing a greater proportion of the tunes.

Carl told The Sun newspaper: ''There was a lot of vying for the most vocal airtime. But that competitiveness is part of our chemistry. We both fought our corners.''

In the end, the men decided to split the vocals equally between them on the record, which will be released next month.

The album will be the first to be released by the band - also featuring John Hassall and Gary Powell - in 11 years, following their eponymous sophomore collection in 2004, and Pete previously joked he had tried to recruit a ''warlord's daughter'' to play percussion on the LP.

Speaking while at a rehab facility in Thailand, he said: ''I've come up with some good riffs too. Like simple bass lines and I'm trying to get this warlord's daughter to play drums for me but she's off the radar at the moment. So hopefully we'll have some new ideas when Carl next bounds into view in his bandana and leathers.''