Um...eww! Pete Doherty has announced plans to sell the random celebrity tat his friends haven't bothered to bin when they're round at his, according to an interview with NME. "I've got fag butts that belong to Bobby Gillespie, Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse, and I've got Christmas paper that [former Coventry City goalkeeper] Steve Ogrizovic sent to the guy from Black Sabbath. All kinds of sh*t, basically," proclaimed Doherty, sh*t here being the keyword.

Pete Doherty
Would You Buy From This Man? Pete Doherty To Sell Friends' Junk.

It seems he needs a bit of extra dosh to fund his expensive lifestyle in Paris, where the guitarist and poet is reportedly living with Home Alone child star, Macaulay Culkin, with plans to acquire said cash with some good old cockney market stall dealing. He wants to set up a market stall in the alternative and eclectic Camden market - the borough of London where his friend 'Back To Black' singer Amy Winehouse unexpectedly died in 2011. Yes, the famous market specialises in the bizarre but isn't cigarette butts and scrunched up wrapping paper a bit much? Doherty has previously revealed to The Independent that he is quite the hoarder too, describing the "silks, bones, leathers, skulls, palettes - what's that thing you put canvases on? - oh yeah, easels, frames, boots, laces, wigs, mannequins..." that lie in piles about the mansion he used to rent from Lord Cardigan. Sounds like someone needs a little visit from TV cleaning duo Kim and Aggie.

Amy Winehouse
Will Babyshambles' Pete Doherty Capitalise On His Late Friend's Fame By Selling Amy Winehouse's Burnt Out Cigs?

The 34 year-old Babyshambles and former Libertines frontman, who has been plagued by drug addiction and stints in jail, has previously exhibited artwork made from his own blood in Camden, and has also held "prized possession" auctions where diaries, clothes, guitars and "a selection of personal trinkets" have all been bidded on. He hasn't said whether it'll be him manning the market stall or whether Winehouse's fag ends will be 'three forra paaaand.'

Pete Doherty
Performing Live: Pete Doherty Hopes To Supplement His Income By Selling Cig Butts Of Amy Winehouse & Kate Moss.

Ahead of their September new album release, Babyshambles have announced an extensive UK tour starting from 4th September. Pete Doherty - soon hawking gross goods at a market near you!