Pete Doherty suffered a relapse earlier this year.

The Libertines' musician fell back into old drug habits following the death of his friend and collaborator Alan Wass in April, months after he spent time in a facility in Thailand to get over his addictions.

However, bandmate Carl Barat was on hand to help the 36-year-old musician through his problems and insisted he is now clean again with the band's future inspiring him get through the difficult period.

Carl explained: ''We did our best to be around Pete and help him through.

''I don't want to sound all Mother Teresa but the love of the band and the promise of what the future could hold got him back on track.''

The rockers - who are joined by John Hassall and Gary Powell in the band - performed a surprise set at Glastonbury festival last month and they explained it was just like the old days following the show as they all enjoyed a drink together.

He said: ''We haven't changed anything. We're still the same. We celebrated Glastonbury with drinks on the plane.''

The band - who will release 'Anthems For Doomed Youth', their first album in 11 years, on September 4 - are now hoping Pete manages to stay clean for the sake of the band, although Carl confessed they never know how things are going to pan out with the troubled star.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Everything's open with Pete. We're just there for him and we hope for the best.''