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13th July 2015

Fact: Rockers The Libertines thrilled fans by unveiling a new song during their performance at Scotland's T In The Park festival on Saturday night (11Jul15). The band has not played the event since 2004, and they marked their return to the stage by debuting new song Fame and Fortune, from their upcoming album Anthems For Doomed Youth. The set also featured a bizarre incident when co-frontman Pete Doherty took the band offstage for several minutes for a "pep talk" before returning to complete their performance.

22nd January 2015

Fact: The Libertines star Pete Doherty has debuted his Amy Winehouse tribute track, Flags of the Old Regime. Proceeds from the song, which features the line, "I don't wanna die anymore/Any more than I did wanna die before", will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The song will be available to download in March (15). Winehouse died in 2011, aged 27.

4th September 2014

Quote: "Jack White says he'd like to do it. I'd love him to do it, it would be amazing, but I don't want to get too hopeful." Pete Doherty reveals Jack White is in the running to produce The Libertines' reunion album.

24th March 2014

Fact: Lisa Moorish, the mother of one of Liam Gallagher's daughters and Pete Doherty's son, is writing a book about her experiences as a groupie on the Britpop scene. The book is set to lift the lid on a number of music stars who enjoyed success in the 1990s.

12th April 2013

Fact: British rocker Pete Doherty has given a little-known French band a big boost by singing in their native tongue on the group's new single. The Libertines star makes his French-language recording debut on the Dandies new tune L Comme Liaison.

17th March 2012

Fact: Cult rocker Pete Doherty has been booked to perform at Monaco's royal event the Rose Ball next week (begs19Mar12), according to Britain's The Sun. Other performers at the bash include Mark Ronson and Imelda May.

7th February 2012

Fact: British rocker Pete Doherty reunited with his former Babyshambles bandmate Gemma Clarke onstage in London on Sunday night (05Feb12). He was joined by Clarke, who quit the band in 2005, during the encore at his Nambucca bar acoustic show. Clarke works at the venue.

1st November 2011

Quote: "The level of love for him is very deep. We're family really, and I'm very loyal to my family." British singer Lisa Moorish has been offering her support to troubled ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty. The former couple shares a son, Astile.

16th August 2010

Quote: "My dad had heard Pete had proposed and got very anxious that I might say yes. He's a cool dad, but I think that was a step too far for even him. I reassured him that I'd never marry Pete." Florence Welch has advised her family not to believe tabloid rumours, after she was linked to rock wildman Pete Doherty.

4th August 2010

Fact: Pete Doherty's reformed Libertines are set to become film stars - the band is planning to turn its rehearsals for upcoming festival appearances into a documentary. Filming begins later this month (Aug10) as the group prepares to perform at the Leeds and Reading festivals in England.

13th July 2010

Tweet: "You T in the Park f**kers do like to throw a few bottles. Nout (nothing) wrong with it, just not at f**king me thanks." Pete Doherty fires back at music fans who hurled bottles at him during his Babyshambles set at Scotland's biggest festival on Sunday (11Jul10). Doherty sparked controversy when he urges fans to "beat the f**k out of" anyone they saw throwing objects.

8th April 2010

Quote: "Any addict will tell you that every day is like a running battle. But the Tai Chi is great for me. It's all about balance and serenity." Troubled Libertines star Pete Doherty has a newfound passion for the ancient martial art.

4th August 2009

Fact: Lyrics about London written by Madness frontman Suggs, Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty and Small Faces are to be used in a promotional campaign for the British capital's underground train service, also known as the Tube.

31st July 2009

Quote: "My heart caved in. I was destroyed. Not by the fall-out, but by seeing him (on TV performing) without me. Whatever happened, I would never, ever do a gig without him and call myself The Libertines." British rocker Pete Doherty is still angry with his former bandmate Carl Barat for his decision to continue their band without him after he was kicked out for drug abuse.

10th July 2009

Quote: "I'd love to do it. We haven't got a date yet but it will happen if Pete stays on his current trajectory. He's very keen." Rocker Carl Barat is hoping Pete Doherty can wean himself off drugs so they can stage a Libertines reunion.

18th May 2009

Quote: "I love it there, in the woods. It's beautiful... It was needed to suit this period of reflection and introspection." British rocker Pete Doherty on his Wiltshire mansion.

6th May 2009

Fact: Former Oasis manager ALAN MCGEE has enlisted the help of rock stars including Noel Gallagher, Pete Doherty and CARL BARAT to film an online comedy skit about a music boss who tries to get his band a record deal.

12th March 2009

Quote: "Complete abstinence is what they advocate - but the odd gin and tonic's all right, isn't it?" Former drug addict Pete Doherty has given up nearly all of his vices.

10th March 2009

Fact: Fans eager to hear Pete Doherty's new solo album Grace/WASTELANDS can listen to it online at from Tuesday (10Mar09), a week ahead of its official release on March 16 (09).

9th March 2009

Quote: "I think Victoria looks very sharp. She's a very stylish lady and I really like her military hats. I mean that." Pete Doherty names Victoria Beckham as his style icon.

6th March 2009

Quote: "Well, it's going to happen. It's unfinished business, isn't it?" British rocker Pete Doherty is determined The Libertines reunion will go ahead.

26th February 2009

Quote: "I always have bad luck at these awards. I'm usually in rehab or prison or something, but I'm here tonight, so maybe that's a good sign." Rocker Pete Doherty feeling lucky at the Shockwaves NME Awards in London.

12th February 2009

Quote: "It was a bit rude. Kate, she didn't even say goodbye. I did finish with her, but she didn't even say goodbye." Rocker Pete Doherty is still smarting from his break-up with supermodel Kate Moss in 2007.

12th February 2009

Quote: "It was a bit rude. Kate, she didn't even say goodbye. I did finish with her, but she didn't even say goodbye." Rocker Pete Doherty is still smarting from his break-up with supermodel Kate Moss in 2007.

4th February 2009

Fact: Babyshambles rocker Pete Doherty is to give a talk to students at the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland on Friday (04Feb09). He will follow in the footsteps of past speakers, including Oscar Wilde, DRACULA author BRAM STOKER and actress Helen Mirren.

19th January 2009

Quote: "She had gone deeper and deeper into a black place. She needed a bright light. And that bright light turned out to be the sun." Pete Doherty is pleased that troubled musician pal Amy Winehouse is enjoying her holiday in Barbados.

18th January 2009

Quote: "I don't want her to be famous, just rich. Actually, I'm not that shallow. It's not about money... just looks." Rocker Pete Doherty jokes about his search for a new love interest after his failed high-profile romance with supermodel Kate Moss.

8th November 2008

Fact: British rocker Pete Doherty is dating an Amy Winehouse lookalike. The Babyshambles frontman was snapped out in London earlier this week (ends07Nov08) enjoying a kiss with a mystery brunette who bore an uncanny resemblance to Doherty's troubled pal.

27th October 2008

Fact: Rocker Pete Doherty has coaxed reclusive British musician LEE MAVERS from THE LA'S back into the studio to record a new track, entitled There She Goes, for his forthcoming solo album. The La's enjoyed fame in the early 1990s, before splitting in 1995.

28th September 2008

Fact: A self-portrait of supermodel Kate Moss inscribed in ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty's blood has sold for $62,000 (GBP33,600) at an auction in Scotland on Saturday (27Sep08). The painting, which was created between 2005 and 2006, went for $8,000 (GBP4,325) more than the initial estimate.

14th September 2008

Quote: "My first song was called Billy The Hamster. It was a tale about wanting to get a pet and ending with a hamster that got electrocuted." British rocker Pete Doherty on his humble songwriting beginnings.

3rd September 2008

Fact: Superproducer Mark Ronson and Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty are set to team up to celebrate 30 years of fashion label Diesel. They will both perform at the celebratory gig in London next month (Oct08).

27th August 2008

Fact: Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty is set to premiere his new autobiographical film at a porn theatre in Graz, Austria on Thursday (28Aug08). The tell-all documentary will reportedly explore his relationships with supermodel Kate Moss and troubled singer Amy Winehouse.

10th July 2008

Quote: "It wouldn't surprise me if they split." British rocker CARL BARAT predicts the end of former bandmate Pete Doherty's Babyshambles career.

7th July 2008

Quote: "For me and PETE (DOHERTY) it was all or nothing. It was either the top of the world or the bottom of the canal. It wasn't too different from falling madly in love; when you don't even entertain the thought that it could ever end." Dirty Pretty Things frontman CARL BARAT on the highs and lows of his relationship with former The Libertines co-star Pete Doherty.

30th May 2008

Fact: Troubled rocker Pete Doherty has played a secret gig with Sting's daughter COCO. The Babyshambles frontman played drums for the singer - real name ELIOT PAULINE STYLER SUMNER - during a concert in London on Thursday (29May08) night.

13th May 2008

Quote: "Everyone was on me - not physically, just general attention. It was quite hard work. Constant shouting: 'Pete, is Kate Moss a good shag? Give us a song'." Troubled Babyshambles star and former boyfriend of British supermodel Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, gives an insight to his time inside London prison Wormwood Scrubs. He was released last Tuesday (06May08) after serving 29 days of a 14 weeks sentence.

13th April 2008

Quote: "Wormwood is one of the worst jails. Pete will be KO'd (knocked out) in there." British actor Danny Dyer fears for the safety of jailed rocker Pete Doherty.

29th March 2008

Quote: "Pete Doherty does have a beautiful poetic sense of absence about him... If you take enough heroin, it does make it hard to concentrate." British funnyman Russell Brand on fellow drug abuser Doherty.

28th February 2008

Fact: Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty is to play his most high profile solo show to date later this year (08). The rocker will perform at English music festival Glastonbury in June (08).

20th February 2008

Quote: "I thought he's not the ideal person to have around when someone has a drug issue. But he was charming." Amy Winehouse's dad MITCH feared the influence troubled rocker Pete Doherty would have on his daughter as she attempts to kick her drug habit.

18th February 2008

Fact: Tickets for Pete Doherty's forthcoming solo gig at London's Royal Albert Hall sold out within 20 minutes of going on sale. The show, which is scheduled for 26 April (08), will be the biggest solo show the Babyshambles frontman has ever played.

24th December 2007

Quote: "Let's just say we're not dreaming of a white or brown Christmas." Rocker Pete Doherty is hoping to stay off the drugs this Christmas.

4th December 2007

Fact: Amy Winehouse received an unexpected visitor in the early hours of Tuesday (04Dec07) morning. Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty arrived at the singer's Bow, East London, home at 4am carrying his guitar.

4th December 2007

Quote: "He's the unluckiest driver in London, I'll tell you that. I don't know why he bothers. Why doesn't he start getting black cabs?" The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft on troubled rocker Pete Doherty being regularly stopped by the police.

27th November 2007

Quote: "Because of my nerves, I ended up putting my cigarette out in his drink. It wasn't a very good first impression." Pete Doherty on interviewing Paul McCartney for British newspaper The Observer.

12th November 2007

Fact: Rocker Pete Doherty has moved into a $4 million (GBP2 million) Wiltshire mansion, which was the former home of British aristocrat LORD JUSTICE WRIGHT OF DURLEY, famed for sentencing 12 Nazis to death in the Nuremberg Trials of the 1940s.

7th November 2007

Quote: "The chances of me not getting arrested once in the next 18 months are quite slim really." Troubled rocker Pete Doherty considers his immediate future.

1st November 2007

Fact: British singers Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty will perform a duet at the MTV European Music Awards in Berlin, Germany, on Thursday (01Nov07) as part of an exciting show finale.

19th October 2007

Quote: "I wondered, 'What can you get a Scouser who's got everything already?' And then I had an idea..." British rocker Pete Doherty on buying Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney a silver chip fork as a gift.

5th October 2007

Fact: Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty has checked out of a Wiltshire, England, rehab clinic after managing to stay clean for six weeks. Doherty is facing a charge of drug possession and is due to be sentenced on 26 October (07).

1st October 2007

Fact: The scantily-clad image of catwalk star Kate Moss on the cover of Babyshambles' new album SHOTTER'S NATION has been scrapped - the British beauty has been replaced by an unknown model after Moss' split from the band's frontman Pete Doherty in July (07).

6th August 2007

Fact: British rockers Babyshambles reunited with their original guitarist PATRICK WALDEN at a gig in London on Friday (03Aug07). Walden left the Pete Doherty-fronted band in 2005.

3rd July 2007

Quote: "There's that expression - a rolling stone gathers no moss. Well, Pete Doherty gathered a bit of MOSS, didn't he?" QUEENS OF THE STONE AGES star Josh Homme on the Babyshambles star's high profile relationship with British supermodel Kate Moss.

4th June 2007

Fact: British rocker Pete Doherty has been voted Celebrity Flatmate From Hell in a new poll. He was followed by pop star Britney Spears and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. The most popular flatmate was British radio DJ Chris Moyles followed by Amy Winehouse and Cameron Diaz.

26th March 2007

Fact: The Pogues star Shane MacGowan and wild British rocker Pete Doherty have posed naked for a new MARIO TESTINO photoshoot.

6th March 2007

Fact: British rocker Pete Doherty will curate a cultural evening of poetry readings and acoustic songs at the Hackney Empire in London in April (07).

3rd February 2007

Quote: "We didn't want to end up like Pete Doherty. No one even talks about his music anymore." Jet drummer and vocalist CHRIS CESTER on why he and his band members cut back on using drugs and alcohol.

16th January 2007

Quote: "He's doing all right at the moment... You've got to go through it yourself and figure it out. I did try (to help) a little... You care about people and you try to offer good advice." Former The Clash star Mick Jones on pal Pete Doherty.

14th December 2006

Quote: "He's marginally talented, but not anywhere as good as me. If he wasn't f**king a supermodel, no one... would give a s**t about him." Noel Gallagher on Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty.

30th November 2006

Fact: Troubled rocker Pete Doherty has topped an Arena magazine poll naming the Greatest Anti-Icon of 2006.

23rd August 2006

Quote: "The number 38 bus. It goes from Piccadilly through to Essex Road and beyond." Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty reveals the most bizarre place he has ever had sex.

22nd August 2006

Quote: "He detested smoking. He'd won a local poetry award with a poem about smoking. 'Cough, cough, cough', he'd written." Troubled rocker Pete Doherty's mother JACKIE recalls the singer's tamer youth.

26th July 2006

Quote: "It's amazing nonsense. The book's very personal and very open. There'll be stuff that people haven't seen before. Very private thoughts, very private thoughts indeed. You'll have to wait and see. Raise a toast to it." Troubled rocker Pete Doherty talks about his upcoming book of diaries and notebooks.

8th July 2006

Quote: "The rehearsal was good." Pete Doherty discusses his much-criticised cover version with SIR Elton John of T-REX's Children of the Revolution at the London leg of Live 8 last year (05).

22nd June 2006

Fact: Troubled rocker Pete Doherty's diaries are set to hit shelves later this year (06). He has just signed a deal with British publishers Orion.

18th June 2006

Fact: Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty is to sign a new solo deal with Domino Records - the drug-addicted singer was ditched by his previous record label Rough Trade for being "too difficult to deal with".

24th May 2006

Quote: "Drugs don't work. They don't even make you forget - only momentarily, because if something's that painful, nothing's going to make you forget it. You think they'll fill the hole, but the hole just gets deeper...It's like trying to fill in a hole without a spade." Troubled rocker Pete Doherty warns fans not to follow his lead.

15th May 2006

Fact: Pete Doherty's drag costume at a Cologne, Germany gig on Saturday (13MAY06) was paid for by other customers at a second hand shop in the city. German tabloid Bild reports the troubled rocker couldn't afford the 80 euro ($103/GBP57) price tag for the floral dress, wig, tights and red bra.

15th May 2006

Fact: Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty delighted German fans when he turned up at a re-scheduled Babyshambles gig - in drag. The singer sported a floral dress and bobbed wig during the Cologne show this weekend (13MAY06).

26th March 2006

Quote: "Nobody wants to touch me, man. They're afraid. They think it would be a car crash." Controversial British rocker Pete Doherty is trying to land a new record deal.

13th November 2005

Quote: <p>"I never like to be disrespectful to the elderly, and she is knocking on a bit, despite all that surgery." Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty on why he refuses to hit back at rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne's open dislike for him. </p>

1st September 2005

Quote: <p>"I understand CARL, that's probably the best thing that I should say." Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme hints at his feelings over the feud between Libertines rockers Pete Doherty and Carl Barat. </p>

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