Pete Wentz is throwing a 'Spongebob Squarepants'-themed party for his son.

The Fall Out Boy rocker's son Bronx Mowgli celebrates his first birthday later this month and the musician and wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz are planning to incorporate the tot's current obsession into their celebrations.

Pete said: "We got the one-year birthday coming up which is going to be pretty awesome. I think we're going to go 'Spongebob'."

Bronx developed his love for the animated ocean-dwelling sponge because of giant pictures the couple have in their home.

Pete explained: "We have these giant 'Spongebob' paintings in our house and I said, 'Spongebob' a couple times when we were walking by it. Now Bronx has to stop every time we walk by and he says, 'Bob.' "

However, Pete's revelations are delighted to disappoint his manager – who thinks Bronx keeps saying 'Bob' because it is his name.

The rocker added: "I swear to God he thinks Bronx says 'Bob' because of him and I don't want to break his heart!"